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Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief of The Downey Legend, stepped into the world of journalism as a junior, as she carried on the challenge of the Arts and Entertainment Editor as her first position. The young writer was hesitant when first applying to join the staff, and doubts of acceptance crossed her mind. “I was kind of scared to join,” Suarez said “I didn’t think I would be much good.” Nonetheless, the hopeful student took the risk and was happy when she received the news of being selected as A&E Editor. She quickly adapted to the hectic environment and filled the newspaper room with her humor, as well as adding a sense of warmth and kindness. After successfully filling her section editor position, Suarez did not fret when the opportunity of E.I.C. was presented to her. She quickly grabbed the new title, and felt confident taking on the new role that was attached to more responsibilities. “I felt capable of handling the job well,” Suarez said. The leader was comfortable being promoted to a more prestigious position, and held her ground.


While college years are ahead of her, the student is savoring the moments she has left in high school, taking in her senior year and trying to make the most of it. The Downey Legend editor is an active member in the school marching band, playing the clarinet and euphonium. The senior also enjoys spending time reading while having 3rd Street Coffee in hand, and listening to indie bands and artists such as The xx and Lana del Ray.


Once she graduates, the ambitious writer hopes to build a successful career as E.I.C. of her own magazine, making newspaper a foundation for her future endeavors. She anticipates stepping foot into the real world, attending the USC Annenberg School of Communications or FIDM. The young and talented individual has prospered as a writer and leader; providing the staff with a model of success, she leaves big shoes to fill.


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Six years since its implementation, athletic director Mark Rand addresses friends and families in celebration of the student athletes who are participating in sports in college, at the Athlete Signing Party on May 30. “We started with only six kids going off to college playing sports, and now we’re at eighteen,” Rand said. “That just shows the improvement we’ve had in our athletics.”

The very best

June 7, 2013
While dealing with life as a senior, Miguel Lozano takes on an extracurricular activity by working at Disneyland to make money. Lozano will start his training to operate rides on April 13.

Taking on the job

March 29, 2013
On Feb. 21, guest speaker, Esperanza, waits in the theatre to discuss her father’s survival during the Holocaust.  “My father helped the Jewish people change their names, because he too had 10 passports with multiple names,” Esperanza said.

Keeping the story alive

February 25, 2013
Finishing up the last part of the rally stage mural after school on Feb. 6, art teachers Ms. Puente and Ms. Carbajal-Guzman add white to emphasize the final line of “Where character counts”. Having people within the Downey community paint the rally stage saved money, rather than hiring an artist outside of Downey High School.

A fresh coat

February 14, 2013
During second period block, new coach for girl’s lacrosse, Mr. Mires, gives a lecture to the team on the field, in order to see that they are doing well academically. “If they cannot perform in class, then they cannot do their assignments on the field,” Mr. Mires said.

Making a better team

January 30, 2013

Living for those lost

December 21, 2012
Taking a side

Taking a side

November 6, 2012
By dressing up as the couple from the movie Juno, on Oct. 31, juniors Eric Lopez and Bernice Juarez win the Halloween costume contest, held on the rally stage, during A-lunch.   At B-lunch junior Jonathan Moreno won the costume contest as a ratchet.

Ghouls and gals

November 1, 2012
Queens of the court

Queens of the court

October 30, 2012
Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson stand on the field in front of the football team as they practice after school on October 22, 2012, in preparation for the homecoming game. Mr. Gunderson attends all home games and nearly every away game.

Number one fan

October 26, 2012
On Sept. 10, 2012, the London band The xx releases their second studio album Coexist. “I like a lot of their songs equally,” Debbie Miranda,12, said. “They have a unique tone in their music.”

Learning to coexist

October 9, 2012
One drop at a time

One drop at a time

June 21, 2012
Subtle Summer

Subtle Summer

June 21, 2012

Taking steps forward

March 21, 2012

Scoring the final shot

February 29, 2012

Listening to both hearts

February 10, 2012
Hungry for action

Hungry for action

January 22, 2012
Stayin fresh

Stayin’ fresh

December 16, 2011
Bells ring for success

Bells ring for success

November 21, 2011
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