Soothing listeners to sleep

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Straight from Australia, singer Sia covers the uplifting and heartfelt song “I Go To Sleep.” Sia brings a more caring and melodious tone to the original Kinks’ piece, with the light sound of the piano and accompanying strings. The tune also has a blues feel to it as she softly sings of the wanting she feels when she is resting. She vocalizes, “I Go To Sleep/ And imagine that you’re there with me,” giving listeners that bittersweet longing feeling they can connect to. She adds on to that by uttering the painful but meaningful lyrics, “When morning comes again/ I have the loneliness you left me.” The drums keep a steady beat while she pours out her heart against the melancholic chords, expressing the lonely nights that she spends with her beloved in mind. Sia gives listeners that universal feeling of want that many fall asleep with, making her cover a relaxing part of her listeners’ sleepless nights.

Click here to listen to “I Go To Sleep” by Sia