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Expectation Vs Reality

Expectation Vs Reality

Sam Duque, Illustrator

March 5, 2020

Strawberry Fields: A Dedication Through Letters And Dramas

The man who created this exhibit, Eduardo Viramontes, has his own way of thinking about his art. “I always believed in myself, so I just kept making stuff no matter what people thought of my art,” Viramontes stated. “I wanted to make it for myself and I always want to just get better at what I do. It's nice to look back and see how far you've gotten and realizing all the things you've accomplished. It keeps me motivated too.”

Jahzelle Ford and Leanna Bobadilla

December 1, 2019

From Nov. 8th to the 27th, the Stay Gallery will have Eduardo Viramontes solo exhibition, Strawberry Fields: A Dedication Through Letters And Dramas on display. Viramontes comes from a Mexican family and grew up here in America, he has put the memories of growing up into the art in this exhibit. The ...



Vanessa Carlos, Illustrator

October 16, 2019

Tape Murals

The finished product can be seen after a little over a week of working on it.

Jahzelle Ford and Leanna Bobadilla

October 16, 2019

The last semester of the 2018-2019 school year was the first time Carbajal had assigned the tape murals, large pieces of art composed completely of tape, and will once again be assigning them. Her intermediate drawing students and this time Mrs. Puentes advanced art design students work to beauti...

Post-It Art

Enjoying computer design, Jermey Ortega, 12, is loving the class and bringing that love into Post-it art. Ortega along with three other students completed BMO, a cartoon character, “it was such a cool experience, we struggled to put it together but we overcame the challenge,” Ortega stated.

Jaylene Cardona, Business Manager

September 24, 2019

Stay Gallery Hosts “Love Letters”

The artist behind the Love Letters exhibit, Maricela Avina, worked on her self-portrait and other paintings for 11 months before they could be displayed at the Stay Gallery on December 1st. “The love letter has kinda died where you’re physically writing a letter, now it's like a text or an email, so I think the love letter is very personal,” Avina said, “…and the whole back in the Victorian days were the wax seal was a very special way of sealing that letter; whoever broke it, that's who it was meant for.”

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

December 21, 2018

As a part of the Stay Gallery’s artist-outreach program, Maricela Avina opened her exhibit titled “Love Letters” on Dec. 1 on the Gallery’s premises. Drawing from the physicality of a declaration of love via ink, the purpose of Avina’s portrait-style paintings was to capture the spectrum of ...

A Future in The Arts

Nicole Alvarez, Editor In Chief

December 14, 2018

Lights...Camera..Action! Theatre has been a way for individuals to express themselves for decades. All the way from Broadway to a high school theatre, people around the world are telling stories through the arts. At Downey High School, drama students have continued to showcase their talents and express...


Dennise Reynoso, Writer

May 25, 2018

For several days in the last three weeks of April, students from Intermediate/Advanced Art have participated in the creation of their murals. The artwork was displayed outside the J-Building, in front of the halls for passing students to view the large scale illustrations.   Each year t...

Downey’s Post-it Contest Recreation

Vanessa Carrillo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

April 9, 2018

'For the past two years students from Ms. Berumen, Mrs. Carbajal, Ms. Cordova, Mrs. Joest, Ms. Nikaj and Mrs. Puente have all been collaborating with each other every year in a post-it art show. Downey Highs’ J building has been covered with over 1,432 post-it drawings, all being left out for display ...

Stay Gallery Hosts Pop-Up Show with Female Entrepreneurs

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

April 9, 2018

The Stay Gallery, Downey’s own local art gallery, recently hosted a pop-up shop on March 31, which was comprised of products made and sold by local female entrepreneurs. A variety of retailers were present, selling beauty, skin care and fashion merchandise.   Erika Gonzalez, the owner of the boutique Gy...

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