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Dennise Reynoso, Writer

May 25, 2018

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For several days in the last three weeks of April, students from Intermediate/Advanced Art have participated in the creation of their murals. The artwork was displayed outside the J-Building, in front of the halls for passing students to view the large scale illustrations.   Each year t...

Downey’s Post-it Contest Recreation

Vanessa Carrillo, Co-Business Manager

April 9, 2018

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'For the past two years students from Ms. Berumen, Mrs. Carbajal, Ms. Cordova, Mrs. Joest, Ms. Nikaj and Mrs. Puente have all been collaborating with each other every year in a post-it art show. Downey Highs’ J building has been covered with over 1,432 post-it drawings, all being left out for display ...

Stay Gallery Hosts Pop-Up Show with Female Entrepreneurs

Dennise Reynoso, Writer

April 9, 2018

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The Stay Gallery, Downey’s own local art gallery, recently hosted a pop-up shop on March 31, which was comprised of products made and sold by local female entrepreneurs. A variety of retailers were present, selling beauty, skin care and fashion merchandise.   Erika Gonzalez, the owner of the boutique Gy...

SoCal Museum Free-For-All Day

Vicky Arguello, Writer

February 9, 2018

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SoCal Museums announced their thirteenth Annual Museums Free-for-All on Jan. 28. Dozens of museums—presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science— opened their doors and invited visitors to attend their museums free of charge.   Museums Free-for-All partnered with Metro, i...

Artist of the Month: Stolichnaya Duque

Artist of the Month: Stolichnaya Duque

Lily Nguyen, Writer, Comic Artist

September 20, 2017

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Fresh out of middle school and starting her high school journey, freshman Stolichnaya “Sam” Duque uses a classic pencil and eraser to create art. Duque specializes in drawing anime fanart and her own original characters.   Duque started in a humble beginning, and was originally inspired...

Shia LaBeouf Art Stunt

Fatima Rosas, Staff Writer

March 8, 2016

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29-year-old actor, director, and performing artist, Shia LaBeouf collaborates with artist Nastja Sade Rönkkö, on Feb. 19 from 9A.M, to 9A.M. on Feb. 20. Their latest art project #ELEVATE, which consisted of standing in an elevator at Oxford University for 24 hours. Small groups were invited and participate,...

Jaden Smith Challenging Patriarchy

Melissa Hernandez, News Editor

January 15, 2016

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Jaden Smith made headlines on Jan. 4 when he was announced as the new face of Louis Vuitton’s latest womenswear line, “Series 4” a spring-summer 2016 collection. Social media praised and also ridiculed him for going against the social and gender norms of clothing and social expression.   Jonathan...

A little dream

A little dream

Kaylee Camacho, Writer

November 14, 2012

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Since the very young age of 5, senior, Amber Gonzalez has always loved art and known it was her passion, when she painted her first painting at the age of 5 and although she has no particular style, she paints primarily abstract artwork using watercolor. Gonzalez usually doesn’t start painting with...

Drawing her future

Drawing her future

Sara Cabrera, Parents & Teachers Editor

October 26, 2012

Filed under Art, Arts & Entertainment

Passionate and extremely talented are the words used by Ms. Nikaj to describe Adrianna Casas, an AP Art student at Downey High.   According to her twin brother, Andres Casas, art comes naturally for her and she has shown signs of being artistically gifted from a young age. She always drew...

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