J Building Art

Alyssa Gin and Sofia Basulto


In the 4th year of this tradition, this school year’s advanced art design and intermediate drawing students had the opportunity to join the annual tape mural project in J Building. Started by Ms. Carabajal and later joined by Ms. Puente, the students create murals out of tape and display them throughout the J hall. 


“I got the inspiration mainly from Pinterest, but we managed to figure out our own version of it,” Carabajal said. “We get better with it each year, especially figuring out the tape and the different methods.”


Their goal for the project was to give students the opportunity to display their talented work to the rest of the student body and to promote their art classes to kids who may be interested. 


“We’ve seen the before and after pictures of the building,” Puente stated. “Now it actually looks like an art building.”


Both teachers and their students look forward to this assignment each year, seeing as it plays a big role in why they join the class. Whether it’s because the murals are putting their ideas out there or showcasing their artwork to the school. 


“It’s exciting to see how excited [the students] get each year,” Carabajal said. “Even during the pandemic, they did their murals in their house.”


One of the advanced art design students, Athena Corona, 10, shared her experience and inspiration behind her group mural with Esteban Concepcion, 12, Art Luiz, 11, and Ivy Chavez, 11. Her team wanted to recognize Japanese culture and hopefully spark interest in those who happen to see their mural. 


“Most of our original ideas got rejected. It wasn’t until Esteban came up with the idea of a Japanese Geisha that we all agreed on something” Corona stated. “We wanted people to explore different cultures and step outside of their comfort zone, much like this project taught me.”


Camila Guzman, 12, working alongside Mia Troncoso, 12, and Natalya Valenzuela, 12, also shared her experience with her project. Their inspiration behind their mural was to have fun and choose a character they really liked.  


“We wanted to have fun with our project and give people a nice visual,” Guzman said. “Students definitely need to express themselves in a creative way to leave their own mark on the school,” Guzman states. “I just hope [our mural] makes someone smile.”


Ms. Puente and Ms. Carabajal hope to continue this tradition well into the future and continue giving students the opportunity to express themselves creatively, as well as receive the credit their talents deserve.