The Downey Legend

2017-2018 Staff

Brenda Melara


After coming to the United States from El Salvador at the age of 15, Brenda Melara, 12, shares her p...

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Sebastian Romero


Unable to express himself through words Sebastian Romero, 11, enjoys thinking to himself and makes sure...

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Vanessa Carrillo

Co-Business Manager

As of right now Vanessa Carrillo, 10, aspires to graduate high school in two years, go to college and...

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Rita Magana


With a fervor for cooking, Rita Magana, 12, hopes to develop her skills as a cook and follow in her brother's...

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Valeria Ostorga


Besides being passionate about colorguard, Valeria Ostorga, 12, loves reading on her free time because...

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Nathalie Sibal


At a young age Nathalie Sibal, 11, found her love of writing young due to her active imagination, so s...

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Valeriee Menjivar

Comic Artist

Having a variety of interests such as literature and art, Valerie Menjivar, 11, finds her unique style when...

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Lizzy Martinez

Co-Business Manager

During her freshman year at Downey High School, Lizzy Martinez, 12, originally wanted to become a lawyer but w...

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Nicole Estrada


Since she was eight years old Nicole Estrada, 12, has always wanted to be a singer. Her dream is to au...

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Corey Ocasio


Possessing confidence in his opinions, Corey Ocasio, 12, believes that newspaper is the right platform...

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Alexis Gutierrez


Newly joined member of the Downey Legend newspaper, Alexis Gutierrez, 11, joins as a writer and photographer...

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Jasmine Fernandez

Copy Editor

Being ambitious and determined goes a long way, especially for Jasmine Fernandez, 11, who talks about...

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Sarah Meraz


Due to her interest in photography, Sarah Meraz, 12, took a photo class in junior year where she discovered...

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Ajla Nasic

Social Media Manager

For a year now, Ajla Nasic, 12, has been interested in politics and how our society adapts to the multiple...

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Oscar Flores

Co-Copy Editor

An avid movie fanatic, Oscar Flores, 11, derives his passion for film from his family and hopes to continue...

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Vicky Arguello


After visiting over ten countries like Germany and Italy, Vicky Arguello, 12, revels in learning and...

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Stefanie Chavez

Photo Editor

Musical theater is an all-time favorite for Stefanie Chavez, 12, who aspires to be a professional actress...

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Lily Nguyen

Comic Artist

Being one of the comic artists in The Downey Legend, Lily Nguyen, 9, lets her love for video game designs...

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Ysabelle Canilao


In order to relieve stress, Ysabelle Canilao, 12, likes exploring the world and expressing herself through...

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Jessica Garcia


Nurturing a passion for photography since the age of five, Jessie Garcia, 11, spends her time on and...

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Jessica Ayon

Co-Photo Editor

During her junior year, Jessica Ayon, 12, started taking an interest in photography and eventually joined...

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Makayla Riley


Known for her love for reading sci-fi novels and her energetic writing style, Makayla Riley, 11, is c...

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Jace Carlos

Comic Artist

Creativity has always been a part of his identity and his creative flower blossomed at a very young age, ...

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Dennise Reynoso


The joy of creative execution comes easy to Dennise Reynoso, 12, who indulges in the layers of thoug...

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Hector Diaz


Playing video games and watching anime for the past 5 years, Hector Diaz, 12, spends the majority of his ...

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Emily Rivas


In grade five, Emily Rivas, 10, began making YouTube videos, which helped developed her interest in atten...

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Miranda Ramirez


The Editor-in-Chief for Downey High School’s Newspaper, Miranda Ramirez, 12, discusses why she joined ne...

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Marcos Reyes


With a love for fashion and photography, senior, Marcos Reyes, dreams to become a fashion photographer...

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