The Downey Legend

“It was sad thinking about all the time that’s been lost and the memories we would’ve made had it not been for the pandemic,” Calvillo explained. “The previous years at Downey were always chaotic; things and people everywhere. Everyone talking about their vacations and horrible sunburns. This time, it wasn’t the same. But being a Link Leader, there were still lost freshies so I was still able to help and my favorite part was actually being able to see everyone again in person.”

Seniors Last First Day & Freshmen’s First First Day

Maya Mercado-Garcia, Photographer April 21, 2021

As Covid-19 numbers continue to decrease, along with the wide distribution of vaccines; Los Angeles County has remained in the red, orange, or yellow tier. This indicates that schools are permitted...

Truth About College

Kelly Zabala, Writer March 21, 2021

At the start of second semester, many seniors found themselves finishing up college applications or possibly getting accepted into a college. With the thought of beginning a new chapter, many find themselves...

The Downey High Esports team, known as The Home Slices wins the Esports Championship for the first time in two years against Warren. Mr. Kraus, their coach, gives an insight to his favorite thing about coaching esports. “I love the freedom to let the young people take charge and handle it, and improve, and grow through the sport.” Kraus stated. “It's awesome for them to take advantage of that.”

Esports Ceremony

Valerie Mora, Photographer March 20, 2021

“March 13 was honestly a very weird day from the start, being that there were rumors about leaving school and such which at the time seemed unlikely to me” Guadarrama said. “I never really anticipated losing all of my senior year.”

March 13th: The Day That Changed Everything

Lukas Luna and Claudette De La Garza March 12, 2021

As strange as it seems now, Covid-19 was once little more than just another piece of bad news. Though reports of it’s spread began to mount, few paid it serious attention. This attitude was shared...

Senioritis and Distance Learning: A Volatile Combination?

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor March 9, 2021

Though distance learning continues to persist, certain elements intrinsic to the Downey High experience find a way to take root even over zoom. One such vanguard is senioritis, the affliction known for...

“To my Downey Cheerleading Teammates”

*Disclaimer: This story aims to cover all sides of this issue fairly, this publication does not favor any party cited, mentioned, nor quoted
Maya Mercado-Garcia, Photographer February 18, 2021
Amberly Somano, compelled to make an IGTV video - voiced her concerns towards events hosted by the Downey Cheerleading team.

The Reality of Online Learning

Isabella Galvez, Writer February 8, 2021

After almost a year of quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have come up with new systems to make sure students are receiving quality education. With Distance Learning being technology-based,...

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