Jazz 1: Irvine Competition

Diego Martinez, Copy Editor

On the weekend of March 15, the Downey High Jazz 1 Band attended the annual Irvine Jazz Competition. The Jazz 1 combo A and B group players practiced tirelessly and are satisfied with their performances.


Sophomore guitarist in Jazz 1, Ivan Cuevas, worked really hard to make sure he did his best on stage.


“‘I prepared by simply just working out the composition with my combo groups after school almost every day,” Cuevas said. “In class we worked out even just the smallest problems, just to ensure our success.”


The preparations for the festival took many weeks, and gratification filled junior trumpet player Aaron Villalobos when it came to perform. His motivation derives from his love for jazz.


“The ambition I have in competing in these competitions comes from my love for jazz,” Villalobos said. “I just use every competition as an opportunity to grow and practice from.”


With the practice paying off, players such as junior Juan Carballo find the reflection process to be very positive. He feels the performance to be a great success and is happy with the judges’ results. Carballo noted working with his colleagues to be the most helpful factor in preparation.


“I was really eager to learn, but also excited and happy to find out that we won first place in my combo,” Carballo stated. “I’m looking forward to our next performances as well.”

The Jazz 1 players felt accomplished afterward and look forward to more competitions. The players are working towards another performance in the coming Spring Jazz Concert.