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Tape Murals 2023

Tape Murals 2023

Natalie Urtez, Photographer February 11, 2024

Downey High School's Art Department is a hub of boundless inspiration, where students immerse themselves in the mesmerizing world of tape art murals. With passion as its palette, the art building becomes...

73 Questions with Mr. Kraus

Josemaria Marquez, Videographer February 11, 2024

Jazz Band Prepares for Competition

Jazz Band Prepares for Competition

Ashley Ventura, Photographer February 9, 2024

Downey High School’s Jazz Band is preparing for their Jazz Band competitions around the country. Their first competition begins Friday, January 26th in Folsom, California, and leads to the big LPAA Folsom...

Botany in Downey High

Arianna Dominguez, Writer February 9, 2024

If you want to learn more about plants and all about them, then Botany is the class for you! Botany is a course at Downey High offered to juniors and seniors. Botany, sometimes called plant science, is...

DHS Writing Center

DHS Writing Center

Giselle Reyes, Illustrator February 9, 2024

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