Hidden beat


With their new album, On The Floor, already out on iTunes, custodian Robert Lopez is making an impact as the drummer in his R&B band called DW3. “I love music,” Lopez said, “music is my inspiration.”

Kathy Ochoa, Writer

At a very young age, Robert Lopez, custodian at Downey High, has had an interest in music and is able to be part of a band called DW3. DW3 was the idea of Lopez’s cousins, who is the vocals in the group. They all named the band, which stands for Down With Three. Lopez’s first show was in a high school in Torrance when he was only nine years old. He looks up to musicians like Mint Condition. Lopez describes his music as R&B Dance.


“My mom noticed the interest for music from age nine,” the drummer said.

He has had a passion for music his whole life.


“I’ve played drums since I was small,” Lopez said.

Acting as drummer in DW3 has given him a new experience with music. The band is often heard on the radio and has played many times in a popular jazz club.


“We play at a jazz club called Spaghettini twice a week,” Lopez said. Albums have already been released like Christmas Dream and On The Floor by DW3. With already two CD’s out this group is on the rise.


“When I heard about DW3 and how our custodian was in it, I had to hear them,” sophomore Luis Zazueta said.

Their newest album On The Floor hit iTunes on January 25, 2011. The R&B group also has a popular website that tells viewers about their music and show photos of them. Viewers also can check out what other people have to say about DW3’s music. This hard working custodian has a hidden talent that shows all he has accomplished.