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Concerned but not sure, Kristen Zuniga, 12, thinks there is a low chance of there being another world wide pandemic. In hopes that authorities will enforce more restrictions in the future so we are able to go back to our everyday living. “I hope people will take it seriously,” Zuniga stated. “Seeing how Covid-19 effected everyone’s lives and how serious it still is”

New Pandemic?

Deborah Diaz, Photographer October 18, 2021

As the word slowly spreads around, there is a possibility that a new pandemic (any type of new disease can occur), something similar to COVID-19. This new pandemic can be worse. Animal-to-human disease...

The Case of Gabby Petito

Sofia Basulto, Writer October 12, 2021

The case of social media influencer, Gabby Petito, has been circulating in the news ever since her fans noticed her online presence begin to change. Gabby Petito and her fiance Brian Laundrie were active...

LAUSD making Vaccines mandatory- Informational

Deborah Diaz, Photographer September 27, 2021

 Los Angeles Unified School District has approved COVID-19, for 12 year olds and older. ABC News states “The plan requires students age 12 and older who take part in in-person programs to have a...

Taking a look at the Texas Abortion Law: The Dangers of Restrictions

Rebeca Leon, Business September 20, 2021

Women now have a bounty on their head. On the first day of September of 2021, Senate Bill 8 was passed as law in Texas. The bill states that any private citizen can sue anyone in the state who performs...

Save California: Vote No On The Recall

Catherine Quinones, Writer September 14, 2021

On Sept. 14, voters in California will make a decision which drastically impacts the future of our state- should Gavin Newsom be recalled from the office of Governor? If 50 percent or more citizens vote...

The Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Isabella Galvez, Writer April 29, 2021

The lockdown COVID-19 brought forced everyone around the world to isolate themselves in their homes.  Without in-person interaction, we were forced to rely on the power of technology.  Now work,...

Banana Bread:

Quarantine Food Trends

Montserrat Gonzalez and Maya Guzman April 12, 2021

With a little over a year of quarantine, many have endured social isolation by picking up new hobbies such as painting, reading, and exercising, but the most popular has been baking/cooking. In the...

The Biden Administration’s Response to COVID-19

Michael Bilodeau, Writer March 23, 2021

As of March 7, it has been 46 days since Joe Biden took office as the 46th President of the United States.  Throughout his campaign as well as following his victory in the November election, Biden pledged...

Covid-19 Cases Drop

Itzel Cabrales, Writer March 8, 2021

Covid-19 cases in the United States have begun to drop tremendously in the past month. Los Angeles County has reported 20 new cases for every 100,000 people, however, it still remains in the purple tier,...

Meet Perseverance

Maya Guzman, Writer March 7, 2021

On Feb. 18 at 12:55 p.m. PST , inside Mission Control at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California, exhilaration surged through Americans when The Mars 2020 Perseverance rover successfully...

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