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Black Inventors

Angelina Andrade, Writer February 24, 2023

Many great inventors are lost in history every day. And in honor of Black History month, here are some amazing black engineers and inventors people have to thank for things like long-lasting light bulbs...

Ticketmaster Fiasco

Alanis Martinez, Photographer February 1, 2023

A recent turn of events regarding the infamous distribution company for ticket sales of various vendors, Ticketmaster, caused a stir of emotions within the public. Affiliations concerning sales have caused...

Climate Change in 2022

Natalie Corona, Writer December 22, 2022

Climate change has become a critical issue in our generation. As years pass by, the effects have gotten more evident. The year is ending; let’s see the overview of climate change's impact on us this...

10 Years Since Sandy Hook and Nothing has Changed

Cesar Lopez, Writer December 16, 2022

School is the place where friendships are formed, knowledge is gained, and interests and hobbies are adopted; a place filled with laughter and joy. Well, that place turned into a nightmare for those in...

Jamie Jarrín Retires as a Longtime Dodgers Broadcaster

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor November 1, 2022

After more than six decades of broadcasting for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Jamie Jarrín officially retired. The Ecuadorian native, loved by many Dodger fans, broadcasted his last Dodger game on October...

Masha Amini and Iran’s Anti-Government Protest

Natalie Corona, Writer October 12, 2022

On September 13, 2022, as Masha Amini—a 22-year-old Kurdish woman—and her family were visiting her uncle in Tehran, Amini was halted by Iran’s morality police: an Islamic special unit in Iran’s...

Addressing the Fentanyl Crisis

Cesar Lopez, Writer October 8, 2022

As you may have heard about the fatal fentanyl overdose of 15 year old girl, at a Hollywood, CA high school recently sparked conversations about the growing deadly opioid; especially among teenagers. Parents...

New California-Mandated Schedule Arrives at DHS

Daniel Aguilera and Erik Damadian September 29, 2022

Heading into the 2022-23 school year,  Downey High Students are coming back after 2 very peculiar years, and with a new bell schedule, students have more changes to face. Governor Gavin Newsom has...

Book Ban in Texas

Sofia Basulto, Writer March 16, 2022

Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has now been actively fighting to ban books from Texan schools that he and his team deem ‘vulgar and explicit material’ since December of last year. While being...

US Ends International Travel Ban

Samantha Ramirez, Writer November 24, 2021

In early 2020, Coronavirus was quickly sweeping the nation, and former President Trump declared a state of national emergency as well as banned international travelers from entering the United States....

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