The Downey Legend

Preparing for the Big One

Arianna Dominguez, Writer April 29, 2024

 A 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit Hualien City, Taiwan on April 3, 2024. This was Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in 25 years. Hualien City is on the east coast of Taiwan with lots of mountains; the city...

Congressional Ban on TikTok

Travis Padilla, Writer April 10, 2024

In a response to national security concerns, the US House of Representatives has advanced a bill aimed at banning TikTok, citing fears of Chinese government influence and data privacy risks. The bipartisan...

Primary Elections

Arianna Dominguez and Giselle Reyes April 6, 2024

Super Tuesday took place on March 5th, 2024. It is the event in which the largest number of states hold their primary elections. A primary election is when voters select their candidates for their political...

Biden-Trump Visit to Border

Christopher Armenta, Writer April 6, 2024

Current US President Joe Biden and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump made a dueling visit to the US-Mexico border on Thursday, March 1. The visit was classified as a crucial point for both candidates...

The Death of Navalny

Arianna Dominguez, Writer March 14, 2024

Alexei Navalny was a Russian lawyer, opposition leader, and anti-corruption activist; on 16 February, he died. Navalny was one of the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most prominent opponents. Navalny...

New York Special Election for 3rd Congressional District

Christopher Armenta, Writer March 13, 2024

Last December, George Santos was expelled from the House in a vote of 311-114, becoming the sixth member to be expelled and the only Republican thus far. A majority that voted to expel him included Democrats...

Texas Border Policy

Travis Padilla, Writer March 5, 2024

Following the earlier term of 2024 the US has kicked off the new year with civil and statewide fighting over the US border policy. Large portions of the southern Texas border are being heavily fortified...

Current State on Gaza

Maribel Magdaleno, Writer March 5, 2024

Today I will be explaining about what is happening in GAZA Palestine and how heartbreaking this is for the families and children that are going through this crisis. Some things that are happening in...

Atmospheric River in California

Christopher Armenta, Writer February 27, 2024

Storms can have damaging effects on communities and in general mobilize all resources to protect citizens from catastrophic events, such as those that occurred on February 5th. Southern California was...

Maine Shooting

Travis Padilla, Writer February 11, 2024

October 25th, Robert Card, a US Army reservist was responsible for the deadly shooting at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston, Maine, he was found to be alive and potentially on the run for more than 24...

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