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“Bare Essentials” Small Business by Jennifer Lopez

March 11, 2022

Fashion at Downey High

Fashion at Downey High

March 9, 2022

Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show Reactions

February 15, 2022

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It All Went Dark

October 31, 2022

The Monster on Periwinkle Valley

October 31, 2022

History of Halloween

October 31, 2022

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Glamorization of Serial Killers
Abigail Gonzalez, Writer • November 2, 2022

In recent years, society has taken a great fascination with one of humanity's darkest sides, serial killers. From documentaries, videos, podcasts, and movies,  these...

Banned Book Week
Angelica Aragon and Brielle Madrigal October 24, 2022

As we go later into the school year, students take note of the autumn winds picking up as a sign that English teachers will soon let them decide their own fate.  That...

The Live-Action Remake of Snow White and The Issue with Performative Activism
Ximena Solorzano, Photo Editor • March 29, 2022

In recent years, Disney has produced many remakes and adaptations of their extensive catalog of childhood films. Ranging from classics like Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast...

Inktober: "Nest"
Lauren Silva, Illustrator • October 31, 2022

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*Spotify doesn't work on school computers or DUSD WIFI
Do You Stand ?
Madeline Hidalgo, Zinadin Rosales, Anthony Torrez, and Marissa Vallejo November 2, 2022

The Five Love Languages
September 28, 2022
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How the Season Went for Girls’ Golf 2022
Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor • November 30, 2022

Making a comeback this year, the Downey High School girls' golf team had six wins through the course of ten league matches. As the season has...

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Why Dia De Los Muertos Doesn’t Interpret to “Mexican Halloween”
Cesar Lopez, Writer • October 31, 2022

Mexico’s commencement of Dia de Los Muertos falls the very next day after Halloween, leading many Americans to believe it’s the “Mexican...

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Alanis Martinez
Alanis Martinez

With a very open minded and determined personality, Alanis Martinez, 10, joins the Downey Legend as a photographer. Since 7th grade, Martinez has shown her interest in photojournalism, photography, and...

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