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United States Ends International Travel Ban

Samantha Ramirez, Writer December 10, 2021

In early 2020, Coronavirus was quickly sweeping the nation, and former President Trump declared a state of national emergency as well as banned international travelers from entering the United States....

Vaccine Updates

Samantha Ramirez, Writer November 10, 2021

Following the rise of the coronavirus in March of 2020, our lives had been turned upside down. But now, some of the normalices of life prior to the coronavirus have returned. We are able to go to school,...

The hard facts about starting school after 8:30 am

Fatima Garcia, Writer October 18, 2021

Waking up at around 6am to prepare yourself for an eight hour school day that begins at 7:50am can be exhausting. Especially for the Vikes here at Downey High School. With clubs, extracurricular activities,...

Breast Cancer Defined

Catherine Quinones, Writer October 12, 2021

As October begins, so does breast cancer awareness month- commonly diagnosed in women in the United States. It is important to understand how this illness affects patients globally.    Breast...

What’s going on in Afghanistan

Samantha Ramirez, Writer October 5, 2021

We’ve all seen the videos-- bawling hysteric parents surrendering their young children to U.S. and British soldiers over mountainous fences, wanting their children to be taken away from the destruction...

Hispanic Herritage Month

Ariel Lara, Photographer September 27, 2021

An important one month celebration has finally arrived.  Hispanic and Latino Americans across the nation are excited to once again embrace and educate others about the achievements and contributions...

The Current State of COVID-19 Food Shortages

Maya Guzman, Writer December 12, 2020

Regardless of what your initial sentiments had been at the start of this pandemic, not one of us could have foreseen the long term conflict that would arise. What had originally begun as several days in...

Local Election Results

Andre Lucas, Co-Copy Editor December 12, 2020

On Nov. 3, despite a crowded field of 9 candidates in the Downey City Council Election, 3 candidates came out victorious. District 1 re-elected Blanca Pacheco, defeating Alexandria Contreras with 69.66%...

Saving Mother Earth: The Causes and Negative Effects of Climate Change

Isabella Galvez, Writer December 6, 2020

As humans, we have learned to expand and invent more advanced technologies than in any other time in history. While innovative solutions seem like the answer to our current world problems, the causes they...

Saving Mother Earth

Isabella Galvez, Writer November 18, 2020

Since the 19th-century scientists have researched climate change and learned the impacts it has on the environment. With both positive and negative impacts, now is the time more than ever to become aware...

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