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Opinion: Could TikTok Be Banned?

Christopher Armenta, Writer April 12, 2024

  How many use TikTok or any social media as a way to entertain? Or simply to grow your business, raise awareness. We all use social media as a way to be connected with our friends online or simply...

Primary Elections

Arianna Dominguez and Giselle Reyes April 6, 2024

Super Tuesday took place on March 5th, 2024. It is the event in which the largest number of states hold their primary elections. A primary election is when voters select their candidates for their political...

Biden-Trump Visit to Border

Christopher Armenta, Writer April 6, 2024

Current US President Joe Biden and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump made a dueling visit to the US-Mexico border on Thursday, March 1. The visit was classified as a crucial point for both candidates...

Atmospheric River in California

Christopher Armenta, Writer February 27, 2024

Storms can have damaging effects on communities and in general mobilize all resources to protect citizens from catastrophic events, such as those that occurred on February 5th. Southern California was...

Different Winter Holidays

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor February 7, 2024

As the weather begins to grow colder, the air brisk, and everyone starts to layer up, students across campus wait in anticipation for winter break, marking the end of the first semester as well as the...

Snow Storms/Blizzards

Maribel Magdaleno, Writer February 6, 2024

Did you know that there are really horrible snow storms around the world! Well if you didn’t know well today I am going to be talking about the snow storms and the cause.  Blizzards are dangerous...

Possible Ban on Food Dyes

Christopher Armenta, Writer November 28, 2023

Pressure has continued to mount on the FDA to order a permanent ban on certain food dyes, including Red No. 3 which can be found in many of the snacks and sodas we consume commonly. As of now, California...

Roots of Halloween

Travis Padilla, Writer November 28, 2023

Halloween's roots are found in the Celtic festival of Samhain. This festival marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. People in what is now Ireland, the UK, and Northern France...

Phone Addictions

Maribel Magdaleno, Writer November 28, 2023

You may wonder why people have phone addictions. I will explain to you why many people have phone addictions and what causes phone addictions. And how we can help the people who have these addictions and...

Israel and Palestine War

Jazmin Cantoran, Photographer November 28, 2023

The morning of  October 7, 2023, a surprise attack was planned. Three thousand rockets launched from Hamas. The losses from the day of the attack to now are extensive. Approximately 800 Israelis and 500...

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