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Angelina Andrade, Writer

During her years here at Downey High School, Angelina Andrade has tried to make the most of her highschool experience. Now a junior, Andrade was brought on staff last year as a writer and she looks forward to improving her skills in writing. Andrade enjoys the process of getting to know people and eventually sharing their stories for an audience to admire. Having dyslexia was never an obstacle that Andrade couldn't overcome. Andrade found a way to express her strengths ignoring people telling her that she'd be at a disadvantage. Conversely, Andrade never felt like she was alone because of the support her mom provides her. Not only in overcoming a “disability”, but in everything that she does her mother is always her number one motivator. Consequently, her hardships and hard work didn't go unnoticed when her English teacher nominated her for the viking award in the category of “English Language”. It was a big deal considering that she was just a sophomore in high school. Especially, being nominated in a category that would otherwise be difficult for people with dyslexia. 

Overcoming adversity and excelling in her weaknesses is something that Angelina prides herself in. “Since I was little I was placed in special classes and always labeled as different and it was difficult because I'm not different. I'm just like you guys” Andrade stated “I know how to embrace my dyslexia… it's not something you can cure but it's something I live with. It's hard for me to read and write, but that keeps me moving.” 

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