CTE Programs: Financial Occupations and Retail Marketing

Financial Occupations and Retail Marketing are both classes where the sole focus is to prepare its students as they get ready to enter the workforce. 


In the financial occupations class, students are put through real life scenarios that include paying rent while maintaining an assigned job. They are also taught how to spend their, understand taxes as well as filling out the annual tax income. In previous years, before the pandemic, there have also been internship opportunities where students can gain work experience during the school year. In some cases these students were later hired to stay on the job.


In the retail marketing class, students are able to practice creating actual resumes and edit them to make them better and learn how to identify mistakes. The class also provides a program where students have the opportunity to work at jobs connected to Downey. Pina Pizza House, Embassy Suite, JCPenney are just some locations where students have been employed. These are not the only workforce diffusion within the class. This program also specializes in helping students know what career path they should go down.