The Covid Antigen Tests

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor

With the recent spike in Covid cases around the country, the state of California has tried to get a better handle on the issue by providing each student within the state with a Covid Antigen test. These tests were distributed on Friday, January 7th, 2022 for students at Downey High School, anyone who did not receive one being able to pick theirs up the following Saturday. These tests were optional, though highly recommended. 


 Student Banchón Molina, 10, describes that she has previously taken a Covid test, because her family including herself have been experiencing symptoms of the virus. “I didn’t take the Covid test the school provided because I wasn’t feeling any symptoms and I wanted to save it and use it when I actually had symptoms. And because I had taken one, days before the school provided them,”stated Molina. “It’s good that we have the opportunity to be able to do this test in our homes instead of having to go do a minimum hour line.”


The tests themselves were easy enough to do. Taking the swap, all that was needed was to insert in each nostril and brush around 5 times in each nostril, before putting it into the tube. Once the sample is properly mixed all that was needed was to put it on the test card and wait for the line signaling a negative test, or two lines signaling you’re positive. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. 


“It had always been my intention to take it. And when I did and got that negative line, even though I knew it was a small chance I actually had (Covid), it was such a relief,”explains Angel Davis, 9, when asked about taking the test. “It just feels like we’ve all been walking on a thinline and knowing me and my family don’t have it, it’s helped to ease some concern.”


With new access to these tests, and being able to know if someone has Covid or not, it brings a sort of peace of mind to students and their families. Whether someone chooses to take it that weekend or save it for when they are actually experiencing symptoms, perhaps having these kits, the number of cases within our community will start to decrease once again.