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DHS Thanksgiving Dinner Customs

Ximena Solorzano, Photographer November 29, 2021

Thanksgiving is the epitome of the fall season. As the orange and brown leaves fall down to the ground, watching football games and viewing the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade are classic activities that many...

Student’s Plans for Thanksgiving Break

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Writer November 23, 2021

As Thanksgiving is around the corner, the anticipated break that most students long for also follows. This will be the first break that students will have since the first day of school so some students...

Downey v. Warren Crowd

Downey v. Warren Crowd

Deborah Diaz, Photographer November 10, 2021

Students thoughts on Downey v. Warren Game

Catherine Quinones, Writer November 10, 2021

After facing a year of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Downey’s annual rivalry game sparks anticipation amongst our community. Regardless of what side you are rooting for, this event is definitely...

Excited to see what comes next, Justin Uribe, 10, plans to attend UCLA. He would like to get his bachelors degree and get a good job. “My parents, grandparents, and everyone I meet encourages me,” Uribe States. “ My family pushes me to do good, and I want to be able to support them in the future.

Plans after School

Deborah Diaz, Photographer October 26, 2021

  After high school Diana Cuevas, 11, plans to attend USC. She wants to go to medical school and be a registered nurse. She sees herself at a doctors office and helping others as she loves...

The hard facts about starting school after 8:30 am

Fatima Garcia, Writer October 18, 2021

Waking up at around 6am to prepare yourself for an eight hour school day that begins at 7:50am can be exhausting. Especially for the Vikes here at Downey High School. With clubs, extracurricular activities,...

Concerned but not sure, Kristen Zuniga, 12, thinks there is a low chance of there being another world wide pandemic. In hopes that authorities will enforce more restrictions in the future so we are able to go back to our everyday living. “I hope people will take it seriously,” Zuniga stated. “Seeing how Covid-19 effected everyone’s lives and how serious it still is”

New Pandemic?

Deborah Diaz, Photographer October 18, 2021

As the word slowly spreads around, there is a possibility that a new pandemic (any type of new disease can occur), something similar to COVID-19. This new pandemic can be worse. Animal-to-human disease...

Alyssa Davis, 10, intrigued to make new memories with friends, believes that the theme is perfect for a memorable night. Davis will also be preparing to be safe and avoid the spread of covid stating “I will be preparing by staying safe and always wearing my mask while maintaining distance whenever possible.”

Homecoming is back!

Eliseo Payan, Photographer / Videographer October 15, 2021

Homecoming is happening at Downey High school after a whole two years of not being able to have one. Students are finally able to enjoy important events that were not able to happen due to the Covid-19...

Let’s Pumpkin it up this Fall!

Ashley Vera, Photographer October 12, 2021

With many coffee shops coming out with seasonal fall drinks, they are becoming increasingly popular among Downey students like Nathan Estrada,12. “I would say Starbucks has the strong pumpkin flavor...

First year tutor of the Writing Center, Erika Arteaga, 11, tells us that the Writing Center helps people write more efficiently and be less scared when writing. Arteaga became a tutor by applying with a form she got from her English class and taking a video of why she wants to be a Writing Center Tutor, all because she loves helping people. During One-on-Ones with the tutors, they help people with specific sections that they tend to struggle on. I like that each and every one of the tutors has a different point of view, she said. That can help people come up with a compromise in their writing.

The Writing Center

Leilani Montes, Photographer October 12, 2021

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