The Love for Rom-Coms

Alanis Martinez, Photographer

Love and humor combined into one climatic, compelling film that prevails an enjoyable frame of mind for the annual holiday of fondness. Valentine’s Day calls for the delight of a cheesy romance film with a lighthearted plot full of wit and absurdity. The modern-relationship adaptation of a realistic fantasy romance undergoes a riveting chemistry in which it blooms. Through analogous themes, the plot is driven through various aspects of romance and comedy to produce a stirring film to fit an audience. Students at Downey High School propose their rom-com recommendations to stream during the affectionate month of February. 

A genre of schmaltzy scenarios is widely appealing to the audience of young individuals. Thousands of elements compose a definitive story that is still produced today. Whether following the traditional ditzy love story or a bizarre upbringing, rom-coms settle a definitive fashion of storytelling.

Romance comedy enthusiast, Mia Montes, 10, promotes her ideal rom-com and its optimistic plot of events. 

“My favorite rom-com is Good On Paper and it’s about a lady who is at the airport on the way home from an audition and she meets Dennis at the airport while he gives her back her missing boarding pass. She had her career ahead of love but once she meets Dennis, she finds out that he checks all her boxes and she loves him for that because who wouldn’t,” Montes says. “Romantic comedies are something I love! They’re silly and goofy, I love them because like it’s something that everyone secretly wishes they had. I think that a rom-com that I consider timeless and enjoyable is ‘Sleepless in Seattle’.”

Most young adults cherish the rom-com genre, fascinated by the classic happy ending that certainly wasn’t flawless. Winded and uproarious storylines intrigue viewers like Lilian Perez, 10.

“I would say one of my personal favorite rom-coms is probably Blended with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This movie is about a widowed dad and a divorced mom with each two kids. Both of them allow their friends to set them up on a blind date and they end up meeting each other. Their blind date didn’t go as planned and they result in not wanting to see each other again, but they both end up seeing each other again when they both buy half of a vacation to an African resort for spring break, which they are forced to spend time with each other and each other’s kids,” Perez says. “Rom-coms are one of the many genres I enjoy as they always have a happy ending that I look forward to. I would absolutely recommend this movie, it has just the right amount of love and humor and a great storyline.”

Timeless and iconic romantic comedies endure the cinematic experience. A romantic holiday calls for an annual resurface of the highly-acclaimed and memorable rom-com, 13 Going On 30.

Sophomores Amaya Villescas and Thu Bui acclaim the classic and ageless film captivating most in this generation. 

“Actually, if it counts, 13 going on 30,” Bui says. “It’s all about finding yourself.”

“It’s about a 13 year old girl who travels to her future life as her 30 year old self. It’s my favorite because it is really funny and enjoyable,” Villescas says. “I would recommend this movie because it has good acting and a creative plot.”

Relatable and humorous characters with sappy love stories go hand in hand to become a replayable watch. Check out these amusing films this lovely February!