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Best Movies to Watch On Halloween?

Best Movies to Watch On Halloween?

Gissel Delgado and Jezabel Perez October 30, 2020

Horror Blockbusters?

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor September 20, 2019

On Sept 6, IT: Chapter Two released to the tune of 91 million dollars. The movie becomes the latest example of horror movies’ newfound penchant for being highly profitable ventures for studios. This...

Upcoming Movies: October Preview 2018

Nathalie Sibal, Co-Copy Editor October 2, 2018

October is approaching quickly and so are some of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. Marvel fans await for the release of Venom, while horror movie enthusiasts prepare themselves for Halloween....

The Greatest Showman Review

Stefanie Chavez, Photo Editor January 30, 2018

When it first opened in theatres on Dec. 20 2017, first-time director Michael Gracey’s, The Greatest Showman, made $13.8 million in the top box office in its first week. This original musical tells a...

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Nathalie Sibal, Co-Copy Editor December 13, 2017

After The Force Awakens cliffhanger, fans have been waiting for the second part of the new trilogy. The Last Jedi is set to release worldwide on Dec.15.  Some returning characters include Rey (Daisy Ridley),...

How It Compares with the Original

Dennise Reynoso, Writer September 20, 2017

Exactly 27 years after the popular TV mini-series broadcasted throughout the country, the new adaptation of It premiered on Sept. 8. With the success of both films, fans and critics have speculated which...

Tribeca Film Festival 2017

Oscar Flores, Copy Editor May 16, 2017

Highly regarded as one of the central hubs for showcasing upcoming independent films, the Tribeca Film Festival began April 19 and ended on April 30.  The event provided attendees with a wide spectrum...

Russia Places 18+ Age Restriction on Power Rangers

Oscar Flores , Copy Editor April 14, 2017

Power Rangers debuted in theaters on March 24 and while it received a PG-13 rating here in the U.S., Russian distributor of the film (WDSSPR) announced that Saban’s Power Rangers would have an 18+ age...

The Wicked John Wick

James Torrico , Writer March 7, 2017

In the suburbs of New Jersey lives a man that has been deemed “The Boogeyman,” not only  because of his appearance or scare factor, but because of the incredible skill that he has as an assassin....

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