Horror Blockbusters?

Lukas Luna, Co-Copy Editor

On Sept 6, IT: Chapter Two released to the tune of 91 million dollars. The movie becomes the latest example of horror movies’ newfound penchant for being highly profitable ventures for studios. This begs the question, are IT and other films part of a new trend in Hollywood, or are these spooky successes merely flashes in the pan. 


The success of these films is not lost on anybody, as both die hard fans and genre casuals are spotting the pattern as well. Junior Josiah Aguayo, one such die hard, feels that this is because of the unique thrill horror offers. 


“They are [horror movies]  becoming more mainstream.” Aguayo said. “ I feel that a lot of movie genres are starting to seem boring and have the same setting, where horror can still offer you that sort of surprise and adrenaline.”  


Though some may chalk up the recent financial feasibility of horror movies to audience opinion, others chalk it up to the genre’s marketability. Alexa Ortiz, 11, attributes the new string of horror hits to their treasure troves of iconic characters. 


“I think all the newer movies have that one big, scary character.” Ortiz said.  “A creature or killer who you just recognize immediately.”  


While some fans question the rise in popularity of their favorite genre, others find that’s it better to simply enjoy that popularity. Sophomore Daniel Garcia, is more than happy to revel in the new mainstream appeal of his favorite type of film. 


“I’m a big fan of horror movies, so now that more people are talking about horror movies, I’m glad I have more people to talk about them with.” Garcia said.  “I’m so happy that people can open their eyes to a new form of entertainment and finally understand us horror movie fans.” 


  A list of recent successful horror movies can be found below.