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Yasmine Jreisat

Yasmine Jreisat, Podcaster

Staying active and helping people is what Yasmine Jreisat,10, does best. She looks forward to meeting new people and getting together to go around and help the most needed. Therefore, she has a two year experience in Downey High School’s Kiwini's club, where they fundraise money and volunteer for different organizations. She is going on her second year as a tennis player and plans on staying on the team for the rest of her high school career. And she is also going on her first year as a podcast in Downey’s newspaper. 


Being unsure of what she wants to base her career on, Jreisat is focused pursing  something she enjoys doing. She is driven by her determination to keep a high GPA. Making her capable of  always receiving A’s in her courses, this will go in her favor whenever she decides what to base her life on. “I wanna do something enjoyable, I'm not so sure what that is going to be yet,” Jreisat stated. “But I will work on having a stable life”.

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Yasmine Jreisat