The Greatest Showman Review

Stefanie Chavez, Photo Editor

When it first opened in theatres on Dec. 20 2017, first-time director Michael Gracey’s, The Greatest Showman, made $13.8 million in the top box office in its first week. This original musical tells a successful underdog story and displays the struggles of show business. Gracey tells its audience how one can come from nothing and make something out of themselves by staying true to themselves and working to their fullest potential.


Award winning actor, Hugh Jackman, best known for his role in the X-Men series, portrays the character of P.T. Barnum. Being born in poverty, Barnum dreams of being a ringleader for his own circus. Achieving his goals later in life by opening the Barnum and Bailey Circus, he faces the struggles of being in the spotlight and how it can affect him and the people around him.


Similar to Barnum, most of the people found in his circus came from absolutely nothing. They were constantly being brought down by others around them in their daily lives until Barnum showed them that instead of hiding who they are, they should be proud of it.


Overall, the musical is respected for its awareness towards diversity. The film, being unique in its plotline, is mainly about accepting people for who they are no matter their physical appearance and identity. Essentially, it is bringing awareness to the lack of diversity at the time and how many had to face such troubles in their daily life simply for being who they are.