Upcoming Movies: October Preview 2018

Nathalie Sibal, Co-Copy Editor

October is approaching quickly and so are some of the most highly anticipated movies of the year. Marvel fans await for the release of Venom, while horror movie enthusiasts prepare themselves for Halloween. Independent films, such as A Star is Born, First Man, and Bad Times at the El Royale, are also set to debut.


Avid comic book reader, Marcelo Martir, 12, reveals which film he is eager to watch.


“I’m pretty excited for Venom,” Martir said. “The last movie that came out [Spider-Man 3] had a Venom that was farther away from the source material, so maybe this one will be closer to the appearance and feel of the comic book character.


Venom, starring Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, features the origin story of well-known Marvel character, Eddie Brock/Venom. The film will solely focus on the titular character and other antagonists involved in his beginning. It is set to release on Oct. 5.


Alma Rubio, 12, discusses the movie trailer that caught her attention.


“The trailer [for Halloween] seemed interesting and it sort of gave me the chills in some parts,” Rubio said. “I guess since I can’t really watch a scary movie by myself, my first thought was going to watch it with my friends, so we could make fun of each other being scared.”


Releasing on Oct. 19, Halloween is a direct sequel to the 1978 film of the same name. 40 years after the attack on Halloween night, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) must face Michael Myers once again. The film debuted on Sept. 8 in the Toronto International Film Festival.


Yujany Sarabia, 12, expresses her excitement for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s upcoming movie.


“It [A Star is Born] is showing the journey of a girl who lacks confidence, even though she has talent,” Sarabia said. “I like how Bradley Cooper’s character is trying to help her out while he’s struggling with his own problems too.”


A Star is Born is the third remake of the 1937 film with a similar title. Directed by Cooper, the film follows the tribulations of Jackson Maine (Cooper) and Ally (Gaga) in the music industry. It debuted at the 75th Venice International Film Festival on Aug. 31 and is planned for an Oct. 5 release date.

These films are only few of many that are scheduled to premiere in October. Other titles include The Happy Prince on Oct. 5, Beautiful Boy on Oct. 12, The Hate U Give on Oct. 19, and Johnny English Strikes Again on Oct. 26. The link below provides a complete list of all the movies set to release in the upcoming month.