EICs of 2024

Natalie Corona, Writer

As the school year comes to an end, and the seniors graduate from high school, there leave some empty spots in the newspaper cabinet: two of which are the editor-in-chief position. An editor-in-chief manages the staff and oversees the publication. For 2024, the current EICs, Isabella Galvez, 12, and Valerie Mora, 12, have appointed Madeline Hidalgo, 11, and Ximena Solorzano, 11, as next school year’s editor-in-chief. 


Solorzano has been in Newspaper since her sophomore year. She initially applied as a photographer but found herself writing articles, too. This year, Solorzano’s position transitioned to becoming a photo editor. Ms. Napoli recruited Solorzano during her freshman year when Downey High was schooling online, heavily recommending her to join. Solorazno always found journalism interesting because of her ability to express her viewpoints and those of others. “You’re able to express their opinion, their sentiments, their emotions, and I feel like that is a big part of society in general; being able to express what you say,” Solorzano stated. “I’ve always had a big interest in and I thought that this can be the time to really indulge that.”


Solorzano appreciates the environment the Newspaper classroom has and the people who make up the staff. Solorzano describes everyone as welcoming and reliable, considering them a big family. She believes this aspect makes Newspaper fun to be a part of. Regarding the Newspaper surprise planned by the current EICs, Solorzano was totally surprised and felt honored to be given such a position. “I am very nervous because I have big expectations to fill, big shoes to fill because I’ve seen even just how Isabella and Valerie—and even then before them, Gissel and Maya, they were really great EICs,” Solorzano said. “I just want to be able to provide the same support to next year’s staff.”


Madeline Hildago, 11, has been a part of the newspaper for two years. Hidalgo heard about the newspaper application through a previous editor-in-chief, Maya. Maya was the club president for Youth for Change during COVID and as a senior (presently, Maddie is the president. What a coincidence!). Maya had brought Ms. Napoli to speak more about Newspaper and Hildago saw it as an opportunity to gain more skills, more leadership skills, and expand her portfolio of extracurriculars. “I can do podcast and be myself,” Hidalgo stated. “I can cover stories in the way I feel matches my personality and the way I do things.” 


Hidalgo applied by herself and when she came to class, she feared that she wasn’t going to know anybody there, but she found Ximena and was super stoked. Hidalgo and Soloranzo have known each other since middle school and always partnered up with each other for projects. Even now, as board members, they still have each other’s backs at work. “I couldn’t have asked for a better EIC partner,” Hidalgo said. “ I call her my work wife because we are linked. She’s Eco Club president and I’m Eco Club Vice President so we work in that, too. We work really well together.”


Congratulations to the 2024 Newspaper Editors-in-Chief!