Thankful Thursdays with DHS

Daniel Aguilera, Writer

November has come around quickly, and with that brings the holiday seasons. After a tough couple of years, it is a great time to fully celebrate the thankfulness our student body has for our DHS staff with the introduction of Thankful Thursdays!

As students we are supported by a large network of teachers. They give us knowledge, resources, and help us toward our futures. Many of us have that one teacher that has been impactful in our formative high school years.

Highlighting our wonderful staff and the effects they have had on us is so important because since coming back and readjusting to full time in-person schooling, our teachers have been able to teach how they used to and not feel so disconnected through a screen. Being able to form connections and bonds with teachers is such a large part of the high school experience for many.

For starters, Evan Olmedo, 11, chose Ms. Lara as a teacher he was grateful for

“My favorite teacher is Ms. Lara because she’s helped me discover what I want to do as my career,” Olmedo stated. “Her classroom has such a comfortable vibe and the way she teaches helped me understand chemistry much more.”

These relationships between students and teachers are some of the most important, especially in our formative years and students and individuals.

I also spoke to Isabela Martinez, 12, she recounted a great memory and appreciation she has with one of her favorite teachers, Mr. Glasser. 

“I am thankful for Mr. Glasser because even though he can be intimidating and serious, he clearly cares about us doing our best in the class. Not too long ago, he repeated how to graph firms in perfect competition at least 20 times in a week.” Martinez stated. “I won’t forget that the firm is an insignificant price taker. I know he did that to make sure that the whole class, not some, remembered it for the test. I am also thankful for Mr. Glasser because he has taken out time from his day which he can be spending with Franklin to help me improve my college essays. It has been so helpful!”

Our staff are so appreciated, and this season we hope they all feel that appreciation from their students and peers, they are some of our very own secret superheroes and the basic building blocks of our society. WIthout our staff or teachers, we would lack the knowledge and experiences we have gained from them. 

After talking to Isis Robles,12, she let me know some of her personal accounts of a teacher has grown very appreciative of this year,

“I would have to say the most helpful teacher is Mr. Castile. He is the A.P. Research teacher who has helped me a lot this semester and has taught me much that I can apply in real life and school life. He’s very understanding, and is very good at teaching, and explaining some difficult areas in the subject.” She states “While in his class he knows when to be serious and when to let loose a little. I feel like he is one of the teachers I have the closest bond with and appreciate him a lot. When I had the flu for over a week and was struggling with getting back on track with school work Mr. Castile reassured me that it would not affect my grade and had the time to get everything turned in. That and along with many other situations is the reason I am very thankful for him.”

Though I only highlighted some examples, we have thousands of students on campus with hundreds of staff members, so with that math you can only assume how many bonds have been formed throughout the years, and how fondly people think of them and appreciate them. We thank staff, peers, family members and friends this November for being a part of our lives. Happy Thankful Thursday!