Senior College Acceptances

Erik Damadian, Writer

After enough stress on applications and deadlines, seniors at Downey High School are over with the process of applying to colleges and universities. Beginning in February and March of 2023, seniors began to receive admission letters that show their results on if they are granted admission to the schools they applied to. This part of the application process is different for everyone, it could be exciting or nerve-wracking for some students as the situation varies. 


As someone looking forward to majoring in biochemistry after high school, Leslie Galeas, 12, has been accepted to colleges like Arizona State University, San Francisco State, and Cal Poly Pomona. During these past couple of months, Galeas described this time as “. . . both nerve-wreaking and exciting because these college decision letters are the ones that will determine my future. But if anything, it’s leaning more to the exciting side because I finally get to see all my hard work pay off.” 


After being accepted to UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, and Cal Poly Pomona, Kim Lopez, 12, has recently been anticipating her New York University decision letter. With her major being biology, Lopez stated, “These times have been very nerve-wreaking as I’m waiting for a decision letter from my dream school, but I’m excited about the future.”


Although these times of anticipation are another part of the application process, seniors at Downey High school can still enjoy their last semester in high school. Lopez stated, “I’m really looking forward to what I have left of this school year, like our senior activities.”