Alyssa Gin, Writer

American R&B singer Solána Imani Rowe, known more famously as SZA, has announced her new album S.O.S. Following her most recent single “Shirt” released in late October, this new album is set to drop Friday, december 9.


The album cover and song titles were teased on SZA’s instagram in the days following up to the release.  . This new album will feature artists such as Don Toliver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Travis Scott. Sharing his thoughts on SZA’s upcoming album, Evan Olmedo, 11, is beyond excited. 


“I’m really excited to see what she releases,” Olmedo said. “CTRL is my favorite album so I can only imagine how much more she has to say.”


Released in 2017, her debut album, CTRL  told her story of taking control of her life. Covering topics such as insecurities, sex, and love, SZA pieced together an album that quickly gained popularity. Girls like Camila Castello, 10, can relate to the things SZA sings about. 


“I started listening to her in 2020 after hearing Broken Clocks,” Castellon stated. “She sings about topics that make people vulnerable.”


Songs like “Drew Barrymore” and “Normal Girl” have opened conversations about insecurities and self love. More specifically, learning to love yourself for being you rather than having to change yourself to fit someone else’s expectations.


From the music SZA produces, girls such as Breeana Flores, 11, find her as a role model. SZA covers sensitive topics within her songs to connect to her fans. 


“She’s an inspiration,” Breeana Flores, 11, said. “It feels good to know that I’m not alone when I listen to her”.


With 13 singles, 1 studio album, and 3 EPs, many fans are looking forward to what more she has to offer.