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Covid Heaps Responsibilities Onto One College Student

4/22/20: “For me the quarantine has affected every aspect of my life; being stuck at home has forced me to have more responsibilities. I have to balance being a full time college student and keeping up with all the work that I’ve been assigned. It’s been a lot more stressful because my professors have been assigning a lot of work that makes it hard for me, especially since I have to also watch after my two younger siblings. One also has online courses and needs a lot of attention being in 1st grade. I have to help him with his assignments while also watching over my other brother who is only 2 years old; he requires a lot of attention. My mom’s hours have also changed at work and now that she works more hours; I’m basically the only one running the household. The thing is I also have to attend mandatory Zoom lectures and that’s also difficult because I can’t focus on my classes due to all my responsibilities. And I’ve been having to do a lot more around the house. I have a lot of chores such as picking up after my siblings and doing laundry [and] making meals. And it’s been taking a toll on me because I feel overwhelmed with everything going on, especially with my mom being on the front lines. She comes into contact with people with the virus daily so we have been taking extra precautions at home and sanitizing everything. A family friend recently passed away of covid and it was really scary for my family. It was scary for my family because this family friend lives only 5 mins. away from us.”

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

May 25, 2020

Lynwood, California, U.S. All photos provided by interviewees.  

English 100

Jocelyn Rosillo, Writer

February 4, 2020

Invited by their counselor to join this semester, the English 100 students are trying out a new course here at Downey. This is a college-based English class that began Tuesday, January 14, taught by a professor from Cerritos College, Damon Cagnalati.   This class began as an alternative english c...

College Applications

Enrique Jimenez, Jezabel Perez, Melina Michaus, and Yasmine Jreisat

November 27, 2019

U.C. Decisions Release

Francesca Ortiz, Writer

March 26, 2019

Starting March, Downey High School students are starting to receive letters of admission from the public and private universities they applied to in the fall.  Some of the most anticipated results are coming from the University of California (UC) schools, where students plan to attend.  ...

ERWC Rehauls Curriculum

Jasmine Fernandez, Editor-In-Chief

October 10, 2018

With teachers, classes and curriculum adapting to the new school year, courses such as CSU-ERWC, or California State University Expository Reading and Writing Course, have undergone revision to accommodate new requirements in the course-load. These changes were brought about by a grant gifted to the ...

College Application Season

Taylor Harrison, Social Media Manager

December 16, 2016

As college application deadlines are approaching, students must handle the responsibilities of completing schoolwork, as well as finishing and editing their college essays. University of California’s applications were due on Nov. 30, while early application deadlines varied. Downey High School...

“I want to go on to be a Pathologist and hopefully on to NASA”

Amanda Davila and Beatrice Peña

February 10, 2016

As he prepares himself for college Yanni Ramirez, 11, strives for success in school and in the community in hopes of reaching his future goals.

The Great Acceptance

The Great Acceptance

Dianna Jimenez, Staff Writer

January 20, 2016

After having waited so patiently and anxiously for the email that would determine his college future, Pablo Santos, 12, finally received Stanford University's email of acceptance.   Q1: How did your interest in applying to Stanford commence?   A1: It really began around the beg...

Stressful November

Warren High School hosted a college fair on November 10 with over 50 colleges to be viewed by local students. The college fair was open for anyone interested in attending college.

Daisy Lopez, Staff Writer

December 7, 2015

November is known as a month of fall weather and watching movies while drinking hot cocoa, but not when you’re a Downey High senior student like Ariana Barrios, November, is a stressful process of college applications, because of fear of being rejected.   “I’m afraid of failing, ...

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