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Senior College Acceptances

Erik Damadian, Writer March 29, 2023

After enough stress on applications and deadlines, seniors at Downey High School are over with the process of applying to colleges and universities. Beginning in February and March of 2023, seniors began...

Applying to College

Cesar Lopez, Writer November 3, 2022

As the start of Autumn comes, so does the college application process. The CSU/UC applications have opened since October 1st and remain open until November 30th. California Community College has no deadline...

AP Classes Benefits

Gabriela Guzman, Writer October 7, 2022

Most students who look forward to attending a college or university hope to take college courses in high school to earn college credits by passing the AP exams with a score of 3 or higher. Typically, students...

College Consulting Program 

College Consulting Program 

Jocelyn Gonzalez and Christian Vega September 30, 2022

With the excitement of this year being the last for seniors, there also comes the stress of the college application process. At Downey, many seniors decide to apply to a UC as part of their college application...

Colleges to Consider in LA

Deborah Diaz, Photographer November 24, 2021

As known people travel through the nation to get good education to study in Los Angeles, California. Schools in Los Angeles are best known for their high ranking but also very expensive.    UCLA-...

Pre-PSAT Feelings

Valerie Mora, Editor-In-Chief October 13, 2021

Since school is back in person, PSAT testing has begun to start up again. Here at Downey High School,  PSAT testing will be Wednesday Oct. 13 and freshmen, sophomores, and selected juniors will be...

Wanting to follow in her fathers footsteps, Christsine Mier, 12, plans to attend the same college as him; Mier tells The Downey Legend that she plans to attend Princeton to major in Computer Science. Having been a part of thein Femineers club for all 4 years and taking all the honors and AP classes that have been available for her, Mier prepares to add theseonto her application. Outside of school, Mier went to her dad for help to ask or review anything college related, “He went to my dream school so he’s someone that Im comfortable asking questions to,” she stated. “And he’s gonna know what they want, he’s someone who can look over my writing to check for any weird mistakes.”

Seniors Applying for College

Leilani Montes, Photographer September 28, 2021

Truth About College

Kelly Zabala, Writer March 21, 2021

At the start of second semester, many seniors found themselves finishing up college applications or possibly getting accepted into a college. With the thought of beginning a new chapter, many find themselves...

With college right around the corner, Carolina Gutierrez, 12, feels a sense of nostalgia as she looks back at her past, deciding that leaving Downey High School won’t be an easy thing for her. “It feels crazy, really surreal,” Gutierrez stated. “Honestly a bit hard to grasp the fact that I am going to be an adult soon. I feel as though my whole childhood years, from the day I was born until now, occured in just a blink of an eye.”

Next Stop: College

Claudette De La Garza, Photographer December 6, 2020

Dealing with Stress During the Application Process

Michael Bilodeau, Writer November 3, 2020

As this school year continues, so does the adaptation to distance learning.  This transition has been a difficult one for everyone across staff and all grade levels. But for seniors, the difficult...

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