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Valeria Ostorga, Writer

May 2, 2018

The computer screen reads, “Your admission decision has been updated.” In some cases, the process of viewing an admission decision for a college will be structured as: first, an intake of breath, then an exhale when clicking “view your decision”, and lastly, it can end with either a sigh of d...

Seniors Are Being Accepted into Colleges

Applying for a college he knew he would get accepted to, Nycholas Andrade, 12, has been accepted to Cerritos College and plans on majoring in microbiology. “In principles of biomed we did a gram stain on a go light I think it was,” Walker stated. “It looked pretty cool so I thought that was interesting so I was like ima pursue that.”

Lizzy Martinez, Co-Business Manager

March 26, 2018

March becomes an anxious month for many Downey High seniors because they begin to hear back from colleges. The application process began in November with applications due for Universities of California and California State Universities. The process ended in mid- January with submission of private univ...

Acceptance into the new World

Acceptance into the new World

Mercy Watkins, Staff Writer

April 15, 2011

With the coming of Spring, the anticipated college acceptance letters for seniors that applied to college in the fall have arrived. These acceptance letters determine the future of incoming college students. With endless choices of both schools and majors, seniors have unlimited possibilities to do...

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