Show Recommendations from Students

Angelina Andrade

It’s always a hard choice to choose what one does with their freetime, after school whether it’s extracurriculars or work. While some have their preferences for what they do for fun, a very common choice is to watch a TV show, whatever screen you watch it on or the screaming service you use. We’ve all had those moments where we’d spend a good amount of time scrolling through our choices, never knowing what to watch and seeming like we’ve already watched all the good shows. 


Here are some student recommended shows. 


Grey’s Anatomy


A medical drama that follows protagonist Meredith Grey as she becomes a general surgeon and her life’s journey, from falling in love, having kids, making and losing friends. The show is still ongoing and currently has 18 seasons, most of them can be found on Netflix, but it is also available to watch on Hulu.  


Recommended by Shelya Diaz, sophomore. “It takes you through a roller coaster of love, death, happiness and heartbreak.” 


Bee and PuppyCat 


An animation about a girl named Bee and her animal companion named PuppyCat. It’s a usual day to day cute cartoon that deals with a lot of topics in a light hearted and good way. There is currently only one season and all the available episodes can be found on YouTube. 


Recommended by Iris Mena, sophomore. “I personally like it because the art style is cute and the character as well as storyline are really well done and relatable.” 




A historical romantic drama that follows an elite British family known as the Brigerton family in the 1800’s as they attempt to navigate their way through the London upper class society. With only one season there is another one set to come out this March on Netflix. 


Recommended by Brooklyn Avila, senior. “The first season was amazing. I loved all the different stories we saw and especially the romance. Can’t wait for the new season.”  


Doom Patrol 


A DC show follows a group of unlikely heroes who gained their super powers through tragic, unfortunate happenings and are shunned by society for one reason or another. Their team is constantly pulled into all sorts of adventures. Doom Patrol currently has 3 seasons out and can be found on HBO max.


Recommended by Michael Ochoa, sophomore. “It has good queer rep. One of the main characters is a gay man with a space spirit in him and a side character is a gender-queer street that is a safe place for those who are not “normal”. The characters are complex and mostly traumatized so the plot is driven by the characters. Overall a great show!” 


American Horror Story 


The show follows the Harmon family, a family of three, who had moved to L.A. from Boston in hopes of starting a new life. Little did they know that the house they moved into is haunted. There are 10 seasons of the show, you can watch it on Hulu. 


Recommended by Miah Aguirre, sophomore. “My favorite show is American horror story because it’s very unique and the scenes look super realistic! I recommend watching it 100%.”