DHS Folklorico Club

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor

As of last year Downey has had a brand new club for those seeking a taste of Mexican culture, by partaking in a traditional folk dancing known as folklorico. Folklorico is a type of dancing that originated from Mexico, where the women who dance it wear colorful, long skirts, and the men wear mariachi outfits or something close to them. The club allows those interested to get a sense of Mexican culture in a new light and explore another way of expressing themselves through the culture.  The club advisors are Mr. Vazquez and Mrs. Baca as the advisors, who welcome anyone to participate in room R-2 after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


The club’s current president, Annaleise Caballero, 12, gives some insight to her favorite memory in the club.


“Our first performance, on the stage during school. I just remember leaving class earlier and everyone getting ready in Mr. Vazquez’s room and everyone just felt so pumped and excited.” Caballero stated. “It felt like a family. We were all so ready to go.” 


Janette Orozco, sophomore and the club’s Vice President, shares her take on the club and the importance of it to her. 


“I think it’s important for the school to incorporate other cultures here at Downey, and make sure other people are shown and aware of more cultures.” Orozco says. “My one of favorite things is definitely creating the strong bonds we have here because you know we go through it all, blood, sweat, and tears, all for the performance. It is honestly so much fun. And when everything [is] something together it’s just such a satisfying feeling.” 


Shelya Diaz, the club’s Secretary, 11, tells us why she decided to join the club and her experience in it thus far.


“When I first saw folklorico I thought oh that is a part of my culture and I can make new friends. And those friends have become my family now.” Diaz said. “It’s just been such a great experience.” 


The folklorico club has brought a new type of dance to the Downey high school community, and gives others an opportunity to either connect with their own culture on a new level or experience another one. The club has many more performances planned for this year for anyone interested in witnessing their dances first hand.