Teen Court: Follow Up

Teen Court is an organization that helps encourage students who might want to get involved in the field of law to join. It gives students hands-on experiences in the courts of law and explores the world of the justice system. 


Junior, Samantha Macias, shares some insight into what kind of benefits she’s found while in the program. 


“I joined Teen Court because it seemed like something out of my comfort zone. I had no prior experience with anything law related and I figured it would be a good step through the door.” Macias says when asked to share why she chose to join the program in the first place. “This year my favorite part of the club has been getting to go to courtrooms and just having first-hand experience, there’s also a lot of collaboration that goes into teen court as well.” 


Teen court has brought a new type of club to the halls of Downey that allows students to have a direct impact on the city and its community. Giving students the opportunity to learn about a side of law that wasn’t previously accessible to them, showing them first-hand what goes on behind the scenes of a courtroom and the mechanics of how it works. 


Shelya Diaz, junior, tells us her reason for joining and why she celebrates the fact she did.


“I joined Teen Court because I wanted to learn about legal systems and develop important skills like critical thinking and communication,” Diaz said, also giving her favorite part of the experience thus far. “My favorite memory so far is when I meet one of the judges, and I realize that they have a normal life outside of their role as a judge. It was an eye-opening experience.” 


With a revival in interest in the organization of teen courts, any student is welcome to join and learn more about the field of law and visit the local courts and meet the judges of Downey. Mr. Frisher, in room B 104, who helps run Downy’s program and is also available to give more information about Teen Court and what it has to offer students.