About Mr. Frisher

Angelina Andrade and Gabriela Guzman

In a student’s high school career, the concept of a new instructor would not seem to generate much of a stir. However, a new teacher began as a coach and quickly made an impact on a student’s daily routine.


In the second semester of the 2021–2022 school year, Mr. Frisher began working as a teacher and a coach for the boy’s freshman wrestling team. When questioned about whether he always knew he wanted to be a teacher when he first started working as a coach, he describes how it helped him start down the route he’s currently on. 


“Coaching was my way in here, through Mr. Acevedo and it was with that that I spoke to him because he brought me on here as a coach and that then opened up the door for me to be a student teacher here and to be connected with the right people who brought me in and now the rest is kinda history.” Mr. Frisher explains. “I always knew. I told this to Mr. Acevedo, there were two things I want to do with my life, teach history and coach wrestling.” 


Mr. Frisher currently coaches the boy’s freshman wrestling team in addition to teaching Foundation of Laws and American History.  He grew up in New York where he learned about his passion to help others, especially those who were overlooked, and felt as if no one was there for them. 


“I grew up with a dad who dropped out of school, during middle school, and he always preached to me about education. He was a custodian and a bus driver, those were his jobs, and he also had an undiagnosed learning disability so he wasn’t treated the same or didn’t get the amount of attention that he should have gotten when he was in school.” When asked about why he originally wanted to become a teacher Mr. Frisher gave insight into his personal life and what had inspired him: his father. “I always just thought that I want be in a position to help students or people like my dad, who might feel as though they’re just kinda getting pushed to the side and not getting the attention they need and I want students to know that there are people out there that do care about them, that care about how well they do, and who do see them for the people that they are.” 


“I just want to be the best version of myself.” Mr. Frisher says. “I want to be the best version of myself for you guys. And for my wife, for my daughter, every person I interact with, with the different capacities I interact with, I want to be the best version of myself. The best version of my coaching, my best version of me as a teacher, best version of me as a father, best version of me as a husband. I just want to be the best version of myself, and I strive to do that day in and day out.” 


Even though Mr. Frisher is a new teacher, he has already had a significant impact on many students’ lives through both his coaching and his teaching.


“I look forward to going to class, because I know that I am going to learn something new everyday. I appreciate the kindness and patience that he shows with us.” Shelya Diaz, junior, in his Modern American History class, says. “And it’s a class that makes me feel safe. He has been a teacher that has encouraged me to do better in school and overall.”


“My favorite thing about his teaching style is his energy. It makes me wanna pay close attention even if it is the first period.” Nicolas Zavala, senior, in his Foundation of Law class says. “My favorite thing about his class is how welcoming it is, he makes it a place I like to learn.”


“My favorite thing about Mr. Frisher is how he not only cares about teaching, but creates a good bond with his students and is so amazing overall.”Alexis Alvarez, junior, cheerleader, also in his Modern American History class says. “I love his teaching style, he gets things done, makes the class fun, and always has a positive attitude. Before him I actually hated history and now because of him I enjoy it so much and it’s one of my favorite subjects.”


Mr. Frisher is a new teacher who has impacted plenty of students in the short amount of time he has been teaching them. A teacher who makes students feel safe and excited to learn, and who wants to make sure students are seen. It’s important to give recognition to the teachers who have positively affected so many students’ lives everyday.