Checking In

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor

After spending around a year and a half of online school, the transition back to the classroom has been a difficult one for many people. With the end of the first quarter, back in person coming to an end on October 8th, many students are starting to realize that being back is nothing like what we went through during quarantine. 


Despite having a hard time learning things on their own, and with more distractions than on average in a school environment, many students feel like they succeeded during distance learning. When asked if she thought she did better last year in terms of grades, sophomore Dana Banchón Molina answers, “I did enjoy the beginning part of the whole school being online, so it just kinda gave me more motivation to do my homework, and study. I would say that I was doing better last year, but my grades were not perfect.” Banchón Molina shares, she also believes that she isn’t the only one who experienced this last year. 


What many don’t realize is that many teachers held back, not only for their students’ sake but their own. Teachers weren’t able to do nearly as much as they normally would have during the 2020-2021 school year, having been limited to a computer screen. And more often than not with students who were distracted due to the fact they had unlimited access to their technology with no one to keep them in check, or were dealing with family matters. Because of this, it’s safe to assume many students have forgotten just what the school’s curriculum was expecting of them, they forgot what actual school felt like. 


When asked how she felt about her current grades as of the ending of this grading period, senior, Shaila Garcia says, “I honestly feel like my grades could be better. I feel like I haven’t been doing my best.” Garcia isn’t alone, Banchón Molina saying something similar, “I feel like my grades are average, not as good as before.” Banchón Molina believes one of the reasons for her own circumstances, which anyone with any honors or AP classes can understand, is that there’s just so much homework to keep on top of. 


Banchón Molina, and Sheyla Diaz, sophomore, both expressed their feeling about knowing that the first semester is half way over. “I would say a little scary or more like surprising, cause at least for me, time is passing by so fast, I feel like I just started the school year but if you think about it there’s only 3 more months for the year to be over.” Banchón Molina states while Diaz says, “I feel a little nervous, but I’m still going to keep trying my best, and push through.” Optimism can be seen as a good thing to have during these trying times. 


But if anyone needs the type of mindset the most are seniors. Not only do they need to worry and keep on top of their grades, but also keep in mind their college applications. The fact that this is their final year, after spending what could round up to almost half of their high school career online is enough to freak anyone out. And not to forget that some, if not most, have some type of job and/or extracurricular activities they participate in. “It’s pretty stressful. I feel like everything’s going by too fast and although I’m trying to make the best out of my last year and enjoy every moment. I’m also worrying about getting into a good college and finishing college applications in time.” Garcia, brings to light when answering how it felt knowing that we are halfway through with the first semester of the school year.   


Everyone has that one thing they aren’t good at when it comes to school. It could be a particular class or subject, maybe bad studying habits, procrastination, forgetfulness, I can go on. “ I feel like everyone is struggling at something, like none of us are perfect at everything we do or perfect in general.”  Banchón Molina voiced, “Academically speaking, I guess it would be managing my time which is something I feel a lot of us are struggling with since we have school, sports, clubs, and all those things that it becomes hard to have time to do everything, and typically once we get to the homework part were just tired and done with the day so it kinda turns into procrastination.” 


However the marking of the end of the first quarter isn’t the finish line, we’ve just started this year off, and permanent grades haven’t been inputted just yet. There’s still time to change things and be more successful starting this quarter. “I’m going to try to be more productive and pay more attention in my classes and do my best to avoid distractions.” Is what Garcia hopes to accomplish within these following weeks before the end of the semester. “I would definitely say not to put too many things on my plate, because at some point,you don’t even know where to start, and it becomes overwhelming,” Banchón Molina says when asked the same question. All of us have things we need to work on, school involved or otherwise.


With the end of the first quarter, it marks the halfway point of the first semester back to inperson schooling. But that doesn’t mean this is the time to start slacking off, or think that there’s no way to get grades up. The school year is 25% done, and there is only so much time left, things won’t slow down for anyone, and it’s better to realize that now rather than when it’s too late. The end of this quarter is a good reminder to everyone to keep on track, don’t let things pile up, and most importantly, don’t add any additional and unnecessary stress to yourselves. It’s high school, this is only the beginning. It’s better to keep calm and keep on track.