Students Study Habits

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor

With about a month into the new semester, and with mid quarter grades just due on Friday Feb 4th, it’s very important for students to know to make sure they are studying in the most effective way for themselves. 


After last year’s school year having been online, students may have forgotten what truly helped them work effectively in an in person school environment. However, after having been back in full swing for a full semester, students have begun to remember what helped them best to get back on track. 


Sophomore, Dana Banchón Molina, gives a little insight into her own studying ways.“I know it might sound weird, but sometimes when you’re really tired, just take that nap. Your homework will be waiting for you. I personally find it easier to focus better during the night.” 


“My advice for other students is to prioritize turning in your work on time and try your best to not procrastinate” Say Shaila Garcia, 12, when asked if she had any advice for those struggling to find an effective way to handle their studies.Finding a calm quiet place to study could really help improve school habits”  


“In comparison to my studying habits of last semester, I would say I’ve developed a better and more efficient work ethic,” says senior, Brianna Chavez. “Something I think that could help other students is attending tutoring! A lot of students do not take advantage of their teachers after hours.”


If any students find themselves struggling any time this semester, it’s important to remember Downey High School has many resources to help their students succeed. Don’t hesitate to ask teachers for even peers about ways that could help you succeed this term.