Halloween: Playing it Safe

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor

It is that time of year once again, the time where the leaves begin to change colors, the weather becomes frigid enough and the smell of sweet pumpkin spices are in the air, October. The month of October is an all around perfect month. It’s cool enough to wear a cute sweater, but not cold enough that you don’t have to worry about wearing ripped jeans. It’s also the beginning of the holiday season. 


With Halloween around the corner, right at the end of this month, many people are excited about everything the season brings with it. We have all month long to participate in all types of fall themed activities and create new memories with friends and family. 


But let’s not forget about last year. Due to strict mask mandates and social distancing, a lot of what we normally do during October had been cancelled or taken down a few notches. For example Iris Mena, 10, “I didn’t do anything, just got into costume and hung out around my house.” Or Michelle Ochoa, 10, who says she just celebrated at home with her family. 


Last year, people couldn’t do the things they normally would for the holidays, leading to the question, how has that been slowing down in regards do Covid, what are people planning on doing this year?


Some, like Mena, like to go down the more calming and traditional activities like enjoying the fall themed coffees and watching films. “I also plan on going trick or treating with my friend or sister,” she adds. The chance to dress up and go trick or treating this year is one that a lot of people are excited about this year. The idea of simply being outside for Halloween after not having that choice last year is enough to be excited about. Ochoa plans to keep it simple by just dressing up and getting some candy. When asked if she feels comfortable celebrating Halloween by trick or treating this year, Ochoa responds with yes, she has no fear about going out.  


There are many other ways to celebrate the month of October though. Picking pumpkins to carve at a pumpkin patch, which as for then just picking pumpkins to enjoy. Or maybe keeping it simple by watching a different scary movie every day. And if that’s not enough to get you blood pumping, enjoy a night at Knotts Scary Farm or Fright Fest. Even just wearing fall themed colors is a great way to celebrate this month. 


For those among us who don’t celebrate Halloween, they still have a penalty for fun activities to do during the month of October. From making some pumpkin themed recipes, or just enjoying the amazing weather. 


No matter if you celebrate Halloween or not, October is filled with plenty of chances for an assortment of different activities. From watching movies, to making some of your favorite fall theme recipes, and just enjoying the amazing weather. Let’s not let the fact we have to keep ourselves safe keep us from having a fun, and safe Halloween this year.