Looking Forward to the New School Year

Angelina Andrade, Copy Editor

After the last couple of years of Covid being on everyone’s radar and keeping everyone cautious, it finally seems like we are all able to move past the pandemic. Things seem to be going back to normal, with no more mask requirements, no Covid screeners, and no students working from online. 


Some students like Julida Diego, 11, believe that things will be different this year.


“I certainly think covid rules have been treated less than ever since the decrease of cases,” Diego says. “ Where we are now able to not wear our masks if we don’t want to and we don’t have to do a covid screener anymore.” 


With the new school year, students have plenty of things to look forward to, no matter what they choose to do, there are plenty of events and things for everyone. For example, club rush that just passed and homecoming coming up soon. 


“I think one thing I am mainly excited for this year of high school is my club, Thirst Project,” Diego adds.“Like I said, our club strives to raise money to build wells in different countries that don’t have access to clean drinking water.” 


There are plenty of extracurricular activities students, like Iris Mena, 11, can participate in, and while also juggling their class load.


“Something I’m looking forward to this year is learning more about classes I find interesting and now have a chance to take as I wasn’t able to the last two years.” Mena states. “I’m feeling a bit stressed but despite that I feel really comfortable with my classes.”


Dana Banchón Molina, 11, believes that things are starting to get back to normal, and is looking forward to experiencing a normal full year of high school. “It’s been three years already since I started high school and it seems like school is getting back to normal so I want to get involved in clubs and do social events as much as I can to make up for lost time.” Banchón Molina states.


The new school has brought many new, as well as familiar, clubs, events, and experiences to look forward to for Downey High School students throughout the year.