C-Building Pianists

Angelina Andrade, Writer

Since the very first day of school in August, many different people have been spotted, or more appropriately heard, playing the grand piano located in the font of C-building. These pianists are mostly frequente during the morning before school starts. However, there have been times when people play a few notes in between classes. Playing the piano has become somewhat of a popular hobby for those who have classes located in C-building.


These kids have been able to capture the attention of different passers-by every day, making them stop and listen to their playing. No matter their knowledge of the instrument, whether they’ve been playing for years or it’s something they’ve just picked up, people can’t help but stop and listen for a few seconds whenever someone plays a tune. 


By playing their music in the morning before classes, they have found a new and creative way to indirectly set a productive tone for so many different students about to start their day. They have been able to capture the attention of students day after day. Even encouraging some to give it a try themselves. 


When asked about his own experience playing the piano, Nathan Lennon, 11, states he had played the instrument but stopped for some time. Despite this, it didn’t stop him from playing a few notes for old time’s sake. “I find it fun, I’d totally come back again,” Lennon said when asked if he would continue to play whenever he got the chance. 


Lennon is only one of the many kids who enjoy passing the time before classes start playing the piano. Just when passing the building, you’re more than likely to see someone sitting at the instrument and hitting a few keys. Whether it be someone with years of experience or not. 


It’s also not uncommon to see a few students stopped in the hallway admiring and listening to their playing. A lot of students find joy in taking a listen to the lovely music echoing through the corridor in C-building. It’s safe to say that a lot of people hope that the music never stops.