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Brianna Lopez

Brianna Lopez, Illustrator

First-year Brianna Lopez, 12 is her first time coming into Newspaper as an artist. Her passion for art has led to her creating many innovative pieces known to DHS. Although her future plans are unclear Martinez definitely wants to go into a major involving artistic development. Lopez also aims to help spread positive messages throughout her community in the form of art.

For someone who is a little introverted, her social skills are definitely an eye-catcher. Lopez believes her artwork has a voice that's meant to be heard. “Art brings me joy because it’s a way I can interpret my own ideas and thoughts into something that’s personal and feels connected to,” Lopez stated. “I can definitely improve because I'm taking AP Art because I feel like I can dive deeper into myself and kinda like to investigate what I wanna do with my art, you can never stop learning, especially about yourself.”

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Brianna Lopez