The Downey Legend

Sam Duque

Sam Duque, Illustrator

Fulfilling her passion, Sam Duque, 11, expresses her love as an illustrator both in the Downey Legend newspaper and in intermediate drawing. From as early as eight years old Duque learned how to draw from a friend, by videos and other people’s experiences, to essentially learn the rights and wrongs of drawing. Going into her second year as an illustrator for the Downey Legend, Duque’s goal is to show people her feelings through her art.


Interested in the many opportunities the medical field has to offer, such as being able to aid those who are serving the country. Duque is on the verge of pursuing a career as a military nurse, overall wanting to reach her goal of, “being able to enjoy life,” Duque stated, “seeking out all the opportunities to better myself and be happy.”  

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Sam Duque