Charity Through Clubs and Foundations

Diego Martinez, Andre Lucas, and Sam Duque

During the season of gift-giving, numerous acts of charity work are carried out by either one person or an organization in communities across America. At Downey High School, acts of charity are not only done around the Holiday season, but all year round by a slew of community service clubs all over campus such as Stop the Traffik, Make-A-Wish, and Ecology Club.


Eco Club:

The Ecology Club is one of many clubs on campus and their purpose is to produce eco-friendly ways to clean up the plant to ensure that people can live and thrive in a safe environment. 


When asked what charity means to her, President of the Ecology Club, Tori Quinones, 12, gave her opinion.


“Charity means to me giving back to the community and [to] those who aren’t as fortunate,” Quinones stated. “It’s not for pay or anything, it’s out of the goodness of your heart and really doing kind [things] for others.”


Mr. Vasquez, the club’s advisor was asked what charity means to him as well, and he said, “Charity is sharing resources and time without the expectation of [receiving] anything.”


Make-A-Wish Club:

The purpose of the Make-A-Wish club is to fundraise for the cause to help those with fatal illnesses fulfill their goals and dreams. 


When asked what he feels about what effect he wants to have on society, club president, Andrew Nevarez, 11, expects to see more empathy and less apathy in the world. Through their volunteer work, Nevarez expects his club to advocate and spread awareness so that those who do not know about the club, can join or at least understand that there are those in need who have dreams too. 


“I really want to see people have their dreams fulfilled. I couldn’t imagine being in the shoes of those in need,” Nevarez stated. “I want to see us expand, to spread awareness is beautiful and truly a gift.”


Stop the Traffik Club:

The purpose of Stop the Traffick club is to spread awareness of the vile underground human trafficking sites that harm primarily harm young girls and boys. 


When asked what the purpose and exigence of the club is, club member, Emily Salinas, 12, emphasizes that the club wants more people to get involved in advocating for an end to human suffering in trafficking. Salinas believes that their meetings have a purpose in setting goals, goals which aim to speak out and give a space where victims can tell their stories:


“I joined Stop the Traffik because I believe the cause is extremely important. When I discovered last year how widespread human trafficking is, I had a mix of emotions. When I was younger, I believed that horrible events such as human trafficking are in less developed areas, and certainly not in the U.S. To become aware of this changed my life, and I have made it a priority to spread awareness. It feels great to be able to speak out with the club and help make our community safer. Human trafficking is a real thing happening to boys and girls our age. Although fundraising and disseminating information seem small, they are part of a larger impact to stop sex trafficking.”


With multiple clubs giving their time and effort in times of need, Downey High students reflect bright and empathetic colors.