Big beats and heartaches

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Award winning duet The Black Keys are keeping fans fueled with their raw, alternative hits “Tighten Up” and “Lonely Boy”.  The band has been receiving much radio coverage for these two songs, both from recent albums Brothers and El Camino. The band is heavily influenced by American genres like rock n’ roll and soul, which is evident in their music. Both of their recent singles have a bit of a blues feel to them as the lead singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach bellows the troubles of love while his partner Patrick Carney keeps a steady beat on drums.

In “Lonely Boy,” released Mar. 2011, Auerbach painfully sings, “Oh oh oh oh / I’ve got a love that keeps me waiting / I’m a lonely boy.” The guitar expresses anguish along with his vocals while keeping the track energized with the catchy and upbeat rhythms.  As for “Tighten Up,” melancholic whistling and background shakers and beats set the tone for a classic song that takes it home with its allusions of love and life. “I wanted love/ I needed love most of all,” sings Auerbach. The song can be interpreted in different ways but mostly depicts the narrators life and the reality of it. The Black Keys have been keeping listeners entertained for more than a decade with their indie and soul style and still remain on top with their irresistible new tracks.

Click here to listen to Tighten Up and Lonely Boy