Changing the channel on life


With their third season airing on Jan. 17, Glee is a hit TV show that gives viewers plenty to laugh at. Over the seasons, the show has gained many fans who call themselves “Gleeks”.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

As winter break came to an end so did the high amount of lethargy for many students who spentcountless hours of their break catching up on their favorite TV series. With the wide variety ofshows being aired and the numerous ways to watch them, students are always finding

time in their busy schedules to catch their favorite episodes. New sitcoms like New Girl and 2 Broke Girls are attracting young audiences with their quirky humour and original characters while older TV shows including Glee, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family still remain as all-time favorites on campus.

Star of New Girl, Zooey Deschannel plays the role of Jess Day who moves into an apartment with three young bachelors and soon develops a friendly relationship with them. Jess’ goofy and laid-back attitude first make her roommates uneasy, but they soon let her into their comfort zone once they grew accustomed to her.

“I really like the main character Zooey Deschannel; It’s a funny show,” junior Alejandra Roque said, “It’s something new and refreshing.”

The half-hour sitcom airs on Fox every Tuesday night at 9:00 pm, usually after Glee. Glee is still rolling out showtunes with new episodes of the 3rd season airing Jan. 17. The show features the favorite characters that fans adore while also introducing new faces this season to prepare for the departure of the graduating students at William McKinley High School. The new episodes have seen much tension amongst the Glee Club members while still attacking teenage related themes and kicking controversy aside. Students remain anxious to find out what the rest of the season holds and hope to enjoy more of the addicting music that the singers have prepared.


“I’m looking forward to seeing the characters develop and I’m also excited to watch the awesome musical numbers,” junior Jesus Laurean said.

Another locally aired TV series that has captured the hearts of many at Downey High is Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler. The show revolves around Poehler who plays Leslie Knope, a government official for native American Reserve in Indiana. The down-to-earth comedy displays the park workers while incorporating current political events in the script.

“I really love the humorous characters that each of the actors uniquely portray,” freshman Sophie Prettyman said. “Amy Poehlers slightly extreme antics, the odd situations and all the charming and quirkiness.”

Other channels are also keeping students entertained with series like The Walking Dead,NCIS: Los Angeles and Pan Am. The Walking Dead keeps its audience up in their seats as thetheme focuses on a post-apocalyptic zombie world where the only survivors are stranded andstruggling to survive.

“My favorite part of the show was when the main character found his family,” senior Carlos Portillo said. “In that show you never know what’s going to happen next!”

With such a large selection of series and sitcoms to watch it is no wonder that students choose to spend their time lolling about in front screens. The joy that comes with falling in love with the charming characters on TV clearly overcomes the stressful lives that high schoolers endure.