Keeping the excitement flowing

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

While students face frustration and finals stress, ASB attempts to bring some liveliness and spirit to them with its annual Black Light Spirit Week from Jan. 22 to 28.  The week gave the kids at Downey High School opportunities to dress trendy while being reminded of the activities and games that were due by the weekend.  Commissioner of Pep, Carla Rosales explains the purpose behind spirit week:

“We try to get students excited for the pep rally at the end of the week,” Rosales said, “It’s important for students to be proud of their high school and get involved as much as they can.”

The spirit was welcomed on Monday with Band T-shirt day, when students could display their affection for their favorite musicians. Students took this opportunity to show off their different musical tastes. Although most students regularly display their band tees proudly, others took the time to dish out their comfortable music attire. Sophomore Keyla Sanchez muses on her participation with spirit week and her perspective on the idea.

“I like to participate when possible,” Sanchez said, “It does not bother me if someone else is too cool for school; it’s just a fun thing to do.”

The spirit continued the following day when students were invited to present their flower power for Hippie Tuesday. Students rocked their tie-dye shirts and bell-bottom jeans in preparation for The Beatles themed Black Light Assembly.

“Yeah, I like dressing up for spirit week,” senior Christian Mata said. “It feels like the school is coming together a one to express our different styles while showing school spirit.”

As quickly as the sixties came to life, they vanished to make room for pumped up college and university pride. Kids fantasized about their dream schools by flashing the logos of their institutions. No doubt, the college hoodies and hats reminded some students of the solace and relaxation that comes with playing or watching their favorite sports.

With the fun about to begin, students took one final day to dress in their most dapper wear. Thursday introduced Bow Tie Day. Boys and girls alike dressed in suits and ties while some chose to go in a more feminine path and clip on hair bows.

“I love dressing up for spirit week because I get to have fun and dress up and no one can make fun of me,” senior Alejandra Ramirez said.

The week ended with the pep rally in the gym, when kids dressed in white to glow in the dark and enjoy the activities that ASB had in store. The week of spirit seemed to get the students riled up as crowds roared with excitement and glow sticks showered from the stands. Although every student had their own take on the idea of dressing in the name of school pride, it seemed to be working for the better. At Downey High School the kids are using it to their advantage by enjoying themselves and their peers or getting ready for the big game on Friday night.