Queens of the court

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Girls varsity tennis played in their league tournament, on Oct. 24-25 at Warren High school; resulting in four team members placing high ranks and even moving on to CIF. Doubles partners Elizabeth Aceves, 10, and Jessica Angell, 10, placed at third, while Tara Kazimi, 9, and Erin Freeman, 11, earned fourth and first place, respectively. Along with these successes, the team as a whole won League Championship against Paramount and Lynwood on Oct. 12 and 18, making it the first time in over thirty years that Downey High School has won league title.

The varsity players each felt proud about their achievements; however, when it comes down to it, they recognize their mistakes.

For the senior doubles partners, Alejandra Roque and Nicole Sibal, their tournament loss was only a small disappointment.

“The other team was just more prepared,” Sibal said. “They were more consistent and we weren’t.”

Despite their inconsistencies, the team is still optimistic about each other and their wins, taking time to appreciate their shortcoings. Each athlete owns up to their errors without regret.

“I think we were lucky at league,” senior Tony Salgado said. “We weren’t really expecting it but we’re glad either way!”

Although some of the athletes feel that luck is on their side, for the four league finalists, their wins are proof of their dedication to their sport. Each player takes time to prepare for the game; success is an important aspect of the activity. The girls have their unique ways to prepare for an important match.

“I always mentally prepare myself before games to calm down and not sike myself out,” Kazimi said. “I look forward to putting myself to the test.”

“Before a game, I write motivational sayings on my arms,” Freeman said; “so during my games if I feel myself loosing focus, I look at those sayings.”

These strategies continue to aid the Lady Vikings to success. Freeman and her team mates will continue on to individual and group CIF.