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Lauren Montano

Lauren Montano, Co-Copy Editor

Senior Lauren Montano is an aspiring photographer for The Downey Legend. As a cheerful photojournalist, she is inspired by her settings when taking images of the everyday life of Downey High’s students. For Montano, anything that captures the vibe of a certain place should be photograph-worthy. Her main source of inspiration comes from National Geographic, since the magazine depicts both professional and amateur photographs. This exuberant student hopes to one day be employed by this magazine. Montano regularly checks Vanity Fair and The New York Times for their visually enticing photographs and in-depth articles. Personally, the vivacious photographer prefers to take black and white photography, since it is more timeless and isn’t set in one period.


Montano finds pleasure in listening to music, discovering new artists, and reading. “Books give a unique perspective of the world,” Montano said. Author Zora Neale Hurston has had a huge impact of Montano’s life, allowing her to appreciate the writing style of an American author. In her free time, traveling and discovering the world also satisfies Montano, reaching destinations as far as Spain. As an interested Liberal Arts major, Montano hopes to attend Arizona State University or The University of Denver. Whatever Montano chooses to do in life, all she needs is a little inspiration from her colleagues to make her dreams come true.

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Lauren Montano