Having fun with back-to-school


Lauren Montano

Water polo parents gather around the booster club table at Back-to-School Night, on Sept. 20, 2012, to try and gain more support for their sport. This is the first time that water polo has had a table at Back-to-School Night.

Sara Cabrera, Writer/ Copy Editor

Downey High School’s annual Back-to-School Night on Wednesday, Sept. 19 was successful, as parents were well informed, got a firsthand look at their children’s classrooms and learned what will be expected of them throughout the school year. There was also plenty of delicious food and entertainment. Because students and parents agreed that this year’s Back to School night was the best one yet, it was more entertaining and informative than the previous years. There were also more student booths, which contained different goodies and sweets to reel people to the club that was being promoted.


“It was a different, nice and good environment for the family to come,” Patty Ruiz, mother of Justin Ruiz said. “I wish my daughter would have come, but she stayed home doing homework.”


Three catering trucks supplied many different types of food at this event. The trucks had everything ranging from apple fries to crabby patties. Because the food was so popular, they ran out of certain choices before the night was over.


“The food is great I am surprised to see all of the catering trucks here,” Michelle Gonzalez, mother of Ashley Gonzalez, said.


Santa Alejos, mother of juniors Jazmin and Jaqueline and sophomore Jocelyn Alejos, contributed by making a dinosaur costume for this school event. Mr. Gaytan, whom she has known for many years, is very involved in the community as one of the leaders of KIWIN’S club and as a substitute teacher. Alejos likes to collaborate with him on what she can do for the school and the community and how she can get involved to help.


“I want to show support for the values of teaching and to collaborate with whatever I can,” Mrs. Alejos said. ‘Maybe not economically, but if I can use my ability to do other things, even if it takes a little time, it is a good example for my children and other adolescents. I’m very proud to be a part of this school.”


Part of the entertainment was Kar Kar the dinosaur who was dancing, taking pictures and mingling with students and parents. Kar Kar is actually a fellow student Eduardo Munoz and he is also the mascot for the KIWIN’S club.


“Being the mascot was an experience I will never forget,” Munoz said. “It was fun being the center of attention for the night and dancing with everyone.”


Overall the night was a positive experience for those who attended and a successful way to kick off the new school year.