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Brenda Lopez, Writer

Brenda Lopez, 11, is a writer for The Downey Legend, and she is very involved in school. Some of the clubs she belongs to are: Eco Club, Art Club, DHS Amigos, and the Pop Culture Club. Lopez is currently not involved in any sports but is considering joining track and field. Some of her hobbies include dancing, reading, and writing poetry. She joined The Downey Legend because it was a cool new way to get involved in school. Lopez also joined because she didn’t know much about journalism and she wanted to learn a new way of writing. Through journalism, Lopez hopes to expand her writing skills. She is also a very kind and loving person and demonstrates this with her puppy, Luna, who she loves as if it were her child. One of the quotes Lopez loves comes from her favorite musician John Lennon is “Living is easy with eyes closed.” She interprets this quote as “Living life is easy when you don’t want to see the reality,” Lopez said.


Lopez hopes to move out right after graduating from high school and attend Barnard University in NYC. There she would like to major in something that relates to writing. A special moment for Lopez was last year when she went to Laguna Beach with her brother, for her birthday. It was special because everything was perfect that day and her brother whom she hardly spends time with was there. Lopez is very enthusiastic for The Downey Legend and hopes to take on special and exciting tasks.

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Brenda Lopez