Ethnic diversity


Andrea Martinez

English, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic are the languages understood by Yasmin Hossain, 10, which she continues to develop as she grows. Hossain plans to study in South Korea because that’s where her descendants are.

Brenda Lopez, Writer

Learning a new language is already challenging enough, but sophomore Yasmin Hossain grew up with her mother teaching her how to read four languages. Hossain’s mother knows both Spanish and Korean because she is from Guatemala and is of Korean descent. Hossain learned English in school, and because she practices Islam, she had to learn how to read Arabic.

“When Yasmin first told us about her ethnicity and about knowing four languages we couldn’t belive it,” Yosselyn Maldonado,10, said. “It’s also not that common you meet someone with so much diversity in that aspect.”

Señora Roybal was one of the few who noticed Hossain’s diversity and asked about her ethnicity. Roybal explains Hossain shows enthusiasm to perfect her Spanish and says she’s a true treasure to have in class. One thing for sure is that those won’t be the only languages she sticks to; Hossain plans to also study Italian and Portuguese. Her motivation to perfect and learn new languages goes outside the classroom, and she shows interest beyond her own cultures.

“When I found out about Yasmin’s ethnicity I told her it was that this was the most interesting combination of cultures,” Roybal said. “I was impressed to say the least upon learning of this incredible accomplishment.”

After high school Hossain would like to study abroad in South Korea. Her dream is to become a lawyer and live in the city where she finds it to be more modern and colorful. Her goal is to be able to speak Korean fluently, not just conversationally.

“I want to move to Korea because over there the people have higher standards for themselves,” Hossain said. “I also want to learn more of where my culture comes from.”

Hossain, as mentioned before from Roybal, is an enthusiastic learner and a very motivated student. As of now she her plan is to accomplish her goals and become as successful as she can be.