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Three in one dining

	On Monday, Jan. 6 in Downtown Downey, Joseph’s Bar and Grill begins their first day of business. Joseph’s had a sneak premiere on New Years Eve to inform their clients of their new location.
January 24, 2014

On Monday, Jan. 6, Joseph’s Bar and Grill held its opening in Downtown Downey. Located on 11032 Downey Ave., Joseph’s stands out from the other restaurants found on the strip, with its neon sign and...

Serving one at a time

On January 12, the Downey KIWIN’S hosted a KIWIN’S Training Conference at Downey High School to teach others what the club is about. Mr. Gaytan, their advisor, began the conference by welcoming the guest.
February 8, 2013

Downey High School's KIWIN'S club hosted their annual training conference for the Diamond Division on Jan. 12, welcoming Palos Verdes, Narbonne, and South High School. As members from other schools filled...

Ethnic diversity

English, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic are the languages understood by Yasmin Hossain, 10, which she continues to develop as she grows. Hossain plans to study in South Korea because that’s where her descendants are.
December 21, 2012

Learning a new language is already challenging enough, but sophomore Yasmin Hossain grew up with her mother teaching her how to read four languages. Hossain’s mother knows both Spanish and Korean because...

Unpredictable comedy

On Nov. 30, Comedy Sports members Hector Gonzalez,10, Javier Navarro,12, Justina Clark,12, and Jonathon Larson,12, come together to create a skit about pie in the theater to show students their love for humor. “The strongest factor is definitely the lifelong bonds all the players create with each other in order to be comfortable on stage with one another,” Narvarro said. “In Comedy Sports, we are family.”
December 7, 2012

The Comedy Sportz High School League presented their second performance of the year on Nov. 28, as seniors Justina Clarkrose and Jonathan Larson and sophomore Hector Gonzalez took on their first game with...

The sweet taste of victory

After the end of the game, the Downey Vikings football players meet in the middle of the field to celebrate their win against Warren on Oct. 5. “Win or lose, when I’m doing Viking Pride, I sill feel proud to be a Viking,” Francisco Gomez, 12, said, “it’s all about brotherhood.”
October 26, 2012

As the school year commences, the Downey Vikings have successfully dominated their eternal enemy, the Warren Bears, in unprecedented wins in four fall season sports.   For as long as can be...

Cross Country couple taking victory

Two members of the DHS cross county team, Andres Velasco, 12, and Lisa Vasquez, 10, break the three mile record on September 7. “I wanted to make it my initial goal for this upcoming season,” Velasco said. “I wanted to leave Downey with a legacy.”
October 25, 2012

It was during the summer practice of 2011 when Lisa Vasquez,10, and Andres Velasco ,12, came across each other; little did they know love wasn’t the only thing they would share. Velasco broke Downey’s...

From Hollywood actor to U.S. History teacher

From Hollywood actor to U.S. History teacher
October 9, 2012

To Mr. Christopher Castile, acting was a natural born talent, but as he got older, he realized teaching was his true calling. It was during the first couple of weeks of school in Downey High when Mr. Castile...

Kiwanis family fun night

February 29, 2012

In an effort to bring some of Downey’s community service clubs together, the KIWIN’S hosted the city’s first annual Kiwanis Family Fun Night, on Feb. 24, at Downey High School. The groups who make...

KIWIN’S and Builder’s Clubs join hands

KIWIN’S and Builder’s Clubs join hands
January 20, 2012

While some students relaxed over the holiday season, KIWIN’S and the East and West Middle School Builder’s Clubs banded together to volunteer at the Midnight Mission in Los Angeles. KIWIN’S has reached...

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