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Andrea Martinez

Andrea Martinez, Photographer

Andrea Martinez ,11, is a photographer for The Downey Legend. Martinez first took an interest in photography when she signed up for Photojournalism, and now photography is one of her favorite hobbies. The main reason Martinez joined staff was because Miss. Napoli insisted she would be a perfect addition, not to mention she was also encouraged by her friends Brenda Lopez and April Rios.  Her other hobbies include: volunteering at Downey Regional Medical Center and spending time with friends and family.


Martinez is secretary for KIWIN’S club, and she absolutely loves it. She considers members of her club to be her second family. One of her personal goals as of right now is to get straight A s, while a goal for The Downey Legend is to simply become closer with everyone; she wants the newspaper staff to get as close and comfortable KIWIN’S club. “ I want them to be like my third family,” Martinez said. After high school she would like to travel the world and go on new and exciting adventures. One of the most special moments in her life was when her little sister Isabel was born. Martinez explained that when she was younger she always wanted a little sister or brother, so when Isabel was born, she became one of the most special people in her life. Although Martinez is still undecided about what major she wants to take on, she is very interested in medicine and loves children. With her incredible personality and hard work, she is sure to make any of her goals come through.

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On Tuesday, Oct. 15, during the water polo game versus Warren, the cheer team pumps the boys up to encourage them to win. The team beat Warren with a final score of 8 to 12.

[Photo] The rivalry in the water

Mia Dixon-Slaughter, Co-Editor-in-Cheif
November 13, 2013

[Photo] Five Questions with Brenda Pardo

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor
May 14, 2013
During the afternoon of April 20, KIWIN’S was awarded first place in the t-shirt contest during their District Convention at San Diego. On the following Wednesday, the participants presented the awards to the members that had not attended.

[Photo] A year of success recognized

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief
April 26, 2013
During the 5K for TLC Amber Geldien walks past Laurel Av with librarian Natalie Flores on April 13.  They attended with the 5K with their club DHS Amigos.

[Photo] The first walk of many

Marilyn Ramirez, Copy Editor/Co-Editor-in-Chief
April 17, 2013
On March 23, Downey graduate, Alfredo Munoz walks around Stonewood Mall to support people with disabilities during the Arc Walk. “I really enjoyed walking with the Builder’s Club kids in order to support people with disabilities,” Munoz said.

[Photo] Walking and supporting

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor
March 29, 2013
On March 11 at the PTSA meeting, principal, Tom Houts conducted a tour of the Downey High School campus for parents and students who wanted to see the school. Among the tour stops was the bell tower.

[Photo] PTA: March 2013

Sara Cabrera, Writer/ Copy Editor
March 18, 2013
On January 19, Jessica Samaniego, 11, helps paint Longfellow Elementary School for the Compton Initiative. “I had lots of fun and just knowing that the work we did will make someone happy,” Samaniego said, “it makes me feel great about doing it.”

[Photo] Just doing good

Joey Flores, News Editor
January 30, 2013
Even though English teacher Mrs. Mierau broke her tibia during the month of November in an ATV accident, she continues working with a smile. Mierau also gave birth to a baby girl in July but she continues on despite her new obstacles.

[Photo] Broken but not defeated

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor
January 18, 2013
English, Spanish, Korean, and Arabic are the languages understood by Yasmin Hossain, 10, which she continues to develop as she grows. Hossain plans to study in South Korea because that’s where her descendants are.

[Photo] Ethnic diversity

Brenda Lopez, Writer
December 21, 2012
Downey High School student, Rigoberto Chavez, 11, has been collecting bottle caps since mid September for his cousin who has cancer. “Every thirty caps gets her a free chemo session,” Chavez said.

[Photo] Caps for cancer

Joey Flores, News Editor
October 30, 2012
On September 25, 2012, the Downey KIWIN’S and concerned cyclists come out to Downey City Hall, for the Bike Rally, in order to obtain bike lanes in the city. The conclusion of the council meeting was to have another meeting to discuss how this will get accomplished.

[Photo] Bikers unite

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif
October 9, 2012
Fall fashion has begun and at Citadel Shopping Center, they have the perfect every day outfit as the season changes. With the variety of stores there ought to be an outfit that suits shoppers for the fall season.

[Photo] Fallin’ for fashion

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor
October 9, 2012
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Andrea Martinez